Dream Girl 2 Exclusive: Ananya Panday takes a jibe at Ayushmann Khurrana for his ‘difficulties of turning into a woman’


Dream Girl 2 has released in theatres today starring Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday. The film has Ayushmaan playing a braver role than his 2019 rom-com. We often witness actors speaking about the challenges they faced while preparing for their roles, but when it is about turning into something you cannot relate to at all, the challenge becomes all the more difficult. For Dream Girl, while Ayushmaan had to talk like a woman, he had to take it a notch higher where he had to dress up like a woman, living a different identity altogether in Dream Girl 2. Being into the garb of a woman and mastering the body language and expressions weren’t easy for the actor. If Ayushmann Khurrana has been able to do justice to his role as Pooja is something that we will know soon when critics and fans reviews start to come out. But for now, in this BollywoodLife exclusive Ayushmann and Ananya Panday speak about their new movie release. We asked Ayushmaan why isn’t doing the promotions in his Pooja avatar, since it is a character already popular amongst the audience. But he revealed it takes him long hours to turn into Pooja and it ain’t as easy as it looks. “It’s very difficult to become Pooja. My beard grows in every two hours”, the actor shared, adding that it’s a time-consuming process. Adding further about the challenges he faced playing Pooja, Ayushmann said, “In Dream Girl, you could only hear Pooja, but now in Dream Girl 2, you will see Pooja, and that is a very big difference. We used to shoot in the 45-degree heat of Mathura, wearing wigs, makeup was melting, there were scars on my body, waxing, shaving, everything was very tough.” Ananya, who was listening patiently all this while, had a reaction that every girl would. Ayushmann took a look at her and called her “Empathetic”. However, she was just taking a jibe at the actor while he was lamenting about a process that all women have to live with. But she then agreed that it was a time-taking process for Ayushmaan and asked him to recite a dialogue of their film that captures this essence. Ayushman said, “Ladki ban na toh mushkil hai, but ladki hona aur bhi mushkil (Becoming a girl is tough, but what is even tougher is to be a girl).” Won’t we all agree?

Ayushmann and Ananya will be seen together in Dream Girl 2, and they even addressed the age difference between them, and the actor put a full stop to the debate by saying that he is ready to work with an actress who is 20 years older than him as well. He said the most important thing in this dynamic is the script.
Watch the full interview with Dream Girl 2 cast Ayushmann Khurrana and Ananya Panday with BollywoodLife right here:

 Dream Girl 2: Ananya Panday and Ayushmann Khurrana indulge in a fun banter as the later recalls all that he went through to turn into Pooja for the film. And it is Ananya’s reaction that most women will be able to relate to . 

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