Dream Girl 2 Exclusive: Ananya Panday says ‘it hurts’ to be constantly trolled as an actor


When Dream Girl 2 actress Ananya Panday made her Bollywood debut with Student Of The Year 2 in 2019, little did she know that she’d be brutally trolled for not being able to meet the viewers’ expectation as an actor. Four years and a few films later, she still gets mocked, judged and slammed for her acting skills. Is that enough to make Ananya stop pursuing her dream? No! Ananya, who had always wanted to be an actor, works each day to get better. Since she belongs to the filmy background and has the privileges of being a star kid, she has been successful in bagging top movies and roles. Contrary to the common perception that star kids aren’t usually affected by constant trolling, Ananya admits to being severely affected with the criticism she has been subjected to. Ananya, who will soon be seen in Dream Girl 2, along with Ayushmann Khurrana, spoke exclusively to BollywoodLife, about the impact negative comments has had on her. “I think it depends on the days. Some days I am very strong, and this is the side that people tend to see more. But obviously there are days when I get upset about things. It hurts me, but I just have to get over it because I have signed up for this and this is all I want to do, so it’s okay,” she said. Going by her Dream Girl 2 co-star Ayushmann Khurrana, Ananya is able to combat all difficulties, courtesy her mental strength. “Mental strength kaafi hai iss cheez mai,” he shared with BL exclusively.

On being asked if Ayushmann shared any acting tips while filming Dream Girl 2, the actor said, “Ayushmann is a very easy person; he doesn’t think a lot about the chatter around him. He is open to feedback. Even while playing Pooja and Karam simultaneously, he was chill, and it pulled it off so effortlessly. He is a chilled out, and makes other people stress,” she laughed. Watch the full interview with the Dream Girl 2 stars here:

  In an exclusive interaction with BollywoodLife, actor Ananya Panday shares her thoughts on the massive criticism she has received for her acting potential. Read on to know how she copes with the pressure of proving herself as an actor with every film she is featured in. 

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