“Dream Academy” Samara’s Mother Reportedly Responds To Criticism Of Her Daughter’s Social Media Activity


Dream Academy contestant Samara’s mother has reportedly responded to comments about her daughter’s controversial social media activity.

Samara | Dream Academy/Weverse

On August 29, the international idol survival show created by HYBE and GEFFEN Records, The Debut: Dream Academy (also known as Dream Academy), introduced its 20 global contestants.

One of the participants who caught the attention of netizens worldwide was the 17-year-old Samara from Brazil.

| Dream Academy/Weverse

On October 11, fans discovered that Samara’s likes on TikTok were not private and began looking through them. Fans found questionable videos discussing the Israel-Palestine crisis and some that many considered offensive to Indians.

Why is Samara liking questionable tiktok videos on her tiktok account

“If you take the enemies of Israel today the Muslims and China you get 200 million soldiers”

Why is Hybe not providing Media literacy and training for these girls #DREAMACADEMYHQ #DreamAcademy pic.twitter.com/SoY8mHejnT

— ambience (@orangeiola) October 11, 2023

There were many anti-Indian videos not just that one https://t.co/Brl7kn8moc pic.twitter.com/PORbitNUZQ

— nincompoop milkaelson’s pokéville (@sweetflotale) October 11, 2023


Vocês comeriam na Índia? Kk #fy #india #indiafood #comidadaindia

♬ som original – Bruno Miranda

Samara’s likes were hidden after the discovery, but fans have requested her removal from the show.

samara… we were rooting for you wtf?? https://t.co/2o9VNheUke

— holly ♡︎’s yoongi⁷ ³ᵈ ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ JIMIN DAY (@sugaxspice_) October 11, 2023

I’m failing to understand as to why Hybe hasn’t released a statement or something to explain what’s going to happen to Samara moving forward…Elimination is nothing, girlie needs to get disqualified. Who knows what Samara says about Lara and Ezrela.#DREAMACADEMYHQ#DREAMACADEMY pic.twitter.com/sSz6yfEU5R

— hollylittlekingdom (@urtype_isme) October 12, 2023

Now, Samara’s mother has appeared to respond to comments on her daughter’s social media activity.

Samara has a public Instagram account where she follows many family members, including her mother.

On a post on her mother’s account, a fan reportedly left a comment warning her about what was going on with Samara and asking her to do something about the hate.

| username redacted/Instagram

Please do something about the hate on Samara before it’s gets out of hand. Her mental health might be at stake. Even if the company isn’t doing anything, you are her family. Please do something ma’am. And oh, just because I’m worried about her doesn’t mean I support what she has done.
I am black and I don’t support racism.
Please rewrite your wrongs. Thank you

— Fan commenting on Samara’s mom’s post

Samara’s mother allegedly left a comment responding to this in Portuguese, saying that Samara did nothing wrong.

| username redacted/Instagram

She did absolutely nothing [wrong]. Thanks for the support and concern.

Samara’s mother via Google Translate

Many fans have taken this as confirmation that Samara did like those things and are wondering if Samara and HYBE will speak out.

Hybe need to do something ASAP https://t.co/C4d7b41dbl

— ⪩DeeEe⪨ (@dvxc131) October 13, 2023

she’s making things worse with this reply. https://t.co/QZlPr48xMa

— dan⁷ saw tubatu! (@my7borahaexx) October 12, 2023

her mom obviously isn’t going to think it’s wrong since she probably taugt her that. however so many people are offended and this really is something samara herself should address. https://t.co/zcvSjsq1cL

— rei (@snsdeez) October 13, 2023

HYBE nor Samara have released official statements.

 HYBE has not commented on the situation. 

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