“Dream Academy” Samara Under Fire For Liking “Questionable” Videos About The Israel-Palestine Crisis And Indians


Dream Academy Contestant Samara is under fire after netizens discovered some of her liked videos on TikTok.

Samara | Weverse

On August 29, the international idol survival show, The Debut: Dream Academy (also known as Dream Academy), introduced its 20 contestants. A joint venture by HYBE and GEFFEN Records, viewers were thrilled to meet the diverse line-up competing for a chance to debut in an international girl group.

One of the contestants who caught the attention of netizens worldwide was the 17-year-old Samara from Brazil.

| Weverse

After the second mission, Samara’s popularity and talent landed her in second place behind Sophia by less than one thousand points.

Dream Academy’s ranking for Mission 2

2. #SAMARA 68,165 points (+1)#DREAMACADEMYHQ #HYBE #GEFFEN #드림아카데미 #사마라 pic.twitter.com/SFvUToPcCR

— Samara Central | Dream Academy (@samaraccentral) October 8, 2023

The contestant is also active on social media, with public Instagram and TikTok accounts where she posts various content, including clips of herself practicing.


un Break my heart – cover #dreamacademy #unbreakmyheart #coversong

♬ som original – Samara Henriques

Recently, a netizen discovered that Samara’s likes on TikTok were left open and contained some content that many found questionable.

Of the videos, many were about what is happening in Palestine, with one discussing using the Christian Bible to talk about the ongoing crisis that has left many dead.

Why is Samara liking questionable tiktok videos on her tiktok account

“If you take the enemies of Israel today the Muslims and China you get 200 million soldiers”

Why is Hybe not providing Media literacy and training for these girls #DREAMACADEMYHQ #DreamAcademy pic.twitter.com/SoY8mHejnT

— Backinorder (@Backinorder12) October 11, 2023


A BÍBLIA ESTÁ SE CUMPRINDO! #pregacaopoderosa #israel #aquecimentoglobal #guerraemisrael #israel #palestine #jesus

♬ som original – Pregação Poderosa

Many believe a lack of media training led to these clips about this subject in her likes to be being revealed, leading to criticism. In addition to these about Palestine, viewers also discovered clips many consider anti-Indian.

One such video shows a Brazillian man “visiting” India and being disgusted by the depictions of everyday life there, including videos of random Indians.

There were many anti-Indian videos not just that one https://t.co/Brl7kn8moc pic.twitter.com/PORbitNUZQ

— nincompoop milkaelson’s dream (@sweetflotale) October 11, 2023


Vocês comeriam na Índia? Kk #fy #india #indiafood #comidadaindia

♬ som original – Bruno Miranda

Fans were especially surprised by this, as Dream Academy has two Indian contestants, Indian-Australian Ezrela and Indian-American Lara, whom Samara is close with.



♬ original sound – LARA

Samara’s likes were hidden sometime after the discovery, but many are requesting her removal from the show. 

I’m so sorry guys but i went to see the tiktoks and it’s wild Like there’s nothing to defend and i am surely removing her from my fav list.

[Thread of the tiktoks and explanations for the curious] https://t.co/KV5k9rIFzW

— perla ♡ #INVINCIBLE (@mayuisssm) October 11, 2023

oh hell no she is OUT https://t.co/dILEFtAehR

— salt (@saltsmimi) October 11, 2023

Daniela can replace her spot idc the girl is NOT debuting fuck her https://t.co/v7duA0OZGd

— Nayeonakgae SAW TWICE (@Hon9yeon) October 11, 2023

samara… we were rooting for you wtf?? https://t.co/2o9VNheUke

— holly ♡︎’s yoongi⁷ ³ᵈ ʟᴀʏᴏ(ꪜ)ᴇʀ (@sugaxspice_) October 11, 2023

 Her likes are now private. 

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