DPR LIVE Takes Legal Action Against REM (Scott Kim)


DPR LIVE (also known as Hong Dabin) is taking legal action against REM (also known as Scott Kim).

DPR LIVE (Dabin) REM (Scott Kim) | MINDSET

Dabin’s company, CTYL, released statements in both Korean and English via social media. The company revealed that as of January 29, 2024, Dabin has filed a lawsuit, alleging that former DPR (Dream Perfect Regime) CEO Scott Kim is responsible for “unfair profit distribution,” “non-payment and withholding of settlement data,” and “non-payment of appearance fees and settlement data for the world tour.”

Hello, this is CTYL.

Yesterday, the 29th of January, our artist, Dabin Hong, has officially filed a complaint through the law firm Kim & Chang.

The complaint is directed against Dream Perfect Regime Co., Ltd., the former CEO Kim Scott Yunho, and Regime International Co., Ltd.. The allegations include ‘unfair profit distribution‘, ‘non-payment and withholding of settlement data’, and ‘non-payment of appearance fees and settlement data for the world tour‘.

As representative of the artist, deeply acknowledge the gravity of this case and are actively pursuing legal measures to safeguard the rights of our artist. Our hope is that the true facts will be unveiled through this lawsuit, and we are committed to making diligent efforts to prevent the recurrence of similar cases in the future.

Furthermore, we want to underscore our unwavering support for the management of Dabin Hong’s career. We sincerely ask for your love and support for Dabin Hong’s future endeavors.

Thank you.


Although Dabin is still a member of DPR, he has to sue the company in order to potentially receive the compensation he is owed since Scott’s actions were made while he was in charge of DPR.

Previously, Dabin released a diss track about Scott titled “WMP freestyle” as part of his new EP Giggles. He accused Scott of scamming him out of his earned money.

Giggles listening party
홍다빈 (DABIN) – Giggles 2023: SNTTF + WMF freestyle
20240120#홍다빈 #DABIN #CTYL #Giggles pic.twitter.com/WsUz9tDrmN

— 댄 (@then_DPR) January 23, 2024

Read more below.

REM (Scott Kim) Addresses Scammer Allegations Following DPR LIVE’s Diss Track Release

 Dabin previously accussed Scott of scamming him. 

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