Doree Exclusive: Amar Upadhyay shares his experience of working with TV’s iconic villain Sudha Chandran


There was a time when female child was a curse for people. Nobody wanted a girl as she cannot take forward the family’s name. But that evil thinking was finally thrown out of the society. However, has it totally been removed? No, there are a few people left who still feel girls are of no use and only want a boy. We may not come across such people every day but there are people who still have those orthodox thinking. Well, a new TV show Doree also talks about the same and Amar Upadhyay who plays an important role in the show also feels the same. This is a big story in Entertainment News. Speaking to BollywoodLife exclusively, Amar said, “There are lots of people in cities and in villages who do not want a girl child. Even in this modern world, this issue is still existing. The show will work with such an important message.”

Amar Upadhyay on working with Sudha Chandran

He further added that the social message that the Doree wants to give is the reason why I choose to do this show. He was asked about his experience working with TV’s iconic villain, Sudha Chandran. He said, “It was just brilliant. Sudha ji is a veteran so it is always great to work with her. She is a lovely human being with a lovely personality.”

Amar Upadhyay talks about his role in Doree

He further spoke about his character in the show. He said, “I am playing the role of Ganga Prasad who is a very poor man living in Bunkar mohalla of Banaras. He is a handicap and works hard daily to earn a living. This is a kind of role that I wanted to play since a long time. I always wanted to play a poor man and it will be challenging for me. Ganga Prasad once finds a small little abandoned girl and he adopts her and raises her as his own child.” “It is a beautiful bond between a father and a daughter. I don’t think so that a father-daughter bond is shown on television yet. It is a story of Ganga Prasad and his daughter and their fight against the rich people with poor thinking. So, it was a challenging role for me and I am fortunate that I am doing this role, “he added.

A look at the promo of Doree


Amar Upadhyay gives three reasons why Doree is a must watch

Amar Upadhyay further gave three reasons why Doree is a must watch show. He said, “The first reason is that it is a beautiful father-daughter story. Secondly, it gives a social message to a society who think girls are not important and one more reason is Amar Upadhyay.”

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Doree stars Amar Upadhyay, Sudha Chandran and Mahi Bhanushali. Amar Upadhyay will be seen in the upcoming TV show, Doree. He will be playing the role of Ganga Prasad in the show. Doree also stars Sudha Chandran and Mahi Bhanushali. 

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