DJ SODA Wants To Date A Chaebol But Has Only Dated “Poor People”


DJ SODA recently clarified rumors that she only dates chaebols, which means a member of a rich business family.

DJ SODA | @deejaysoda/Instagram

On November 16, DJ SODA appeared as a guest on Tak Jae Hoon‘s YouTube show No Back Tak Jae Hoon, where his concept is to “interrogate” guests in a fake interrogation room.

Your browser does not support video.Tak Jae Hoon, Shin Gyu Jin, and DJ SODA (left to right) | No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube

During the episode, DJ SODA was introduced as a globally renowned DJ with over 1.78 million YouTube subscribers and 5.24 million Instagram followers. She talked about her busy schedule traveling abroad, mentioning that she visits an average of 20 countries and 60 cities each year.

When Tak Jae Hoon mentioned the rumors that she only dates chaebols, DJ SODA laughed and explained that she felt misunderstood.

I always dated poor people. I get so annoyed hearing rumors that I only meet chaebols…. I would love to date a chaebol.


| No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube

The hosts, Tak Jae Hoon and Shin Gyu Jin, teased her, asking her which particular family of chaebol she wanted to meet. Shin Gyu Jin suggested a Google chaebol because she goes to the U.S. often, and Tak Jae Hoon suggested a club chaebol because she DJs at clubs often.

I haven’t thought about it that far.


Your browser does not support video.| No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube 

When asked what it was like dating “poor people,” DJ SODA admitted that she was usually the gift-giver in the relationship.

I bought them a lot of things, and I rarely received gifts… A standard gift [I got them] was a cellphone.


Your browser does not support video.| No Back Tak Jae Hoon/YouTube 

Hearing this, Shin Gyu Jin joked, “How poor do I have to be to be considered?

DJ SODA shared that she hasn’t even received any signals from any chaebols either and that she is focusing on her work.

I’m working like crazy. I’m a workaholic.


Although DJ SODA is interested in one day meeting a wealthy man, it appears that the rumors that she dates only rich men are inaccurate.

DJ SODA gained attention a few months ago when she was sexually harassed while performing overseas. Despite her busy schedule performing in various countries, DJ SODA  also releases music, such as David Yong‘s song “Drippin,” where she is featured as an artist.


 It annoyed her when people thought she only dated chaebols. 

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