Divya Khosla shares a cryptic post after dropping Kumar from her name; ‘There’s so much to tell you’


Divya Khosla has sent social media users into a frenzy since the time she dropped ‘Kumar’ from her name. Not only that, the actress has also unfollowed T-Series on Instagram. Bhushan Kumar‘s team issued a statement which stated that Divya has dropped ‘Kumar’ from her name due to astrological reasons and that there is no truth to the divorce news. Now, Divya, who kept mum for days, has finally shared her first post on Instagram since removing ‘Kumar’ from her name. Going by the post, it certainly feels that all is definitely not well in Divya Khosla’s paradise. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp.

Divya Khosla shares a cryptic post after dropping Kumar from her name

In the post below, Divya Khosla has reposted a fan’s post. The post has a series of pictures of Divya with her mother. The caption of the post was ‘Mother’s love is eternal love’. Divya reposted the picture on her Instagram story and wrote, ‘Only thinking about you. There’s so much to tell you.’ Check out the post below. Divya’s above post has once again raised a lot of eyebrows and speculations are circulating again that all is definitely not well between Divya and Bhushan Kumar. When there are already speculations about your divorce in the media and on top of that, you share an emotional post with a super emotional caption, it is bound to create doubts in people’s minds about what is true and what is false. Another concerning fact is that, while one can believe that Divya has dropped ‘Kumar’ from her name as she believes in astrology and has also added an extra ‘s’ in ‘Khosla’, one still wonders what was the need of unfollowing her husband’s production page from Instagram. Clearly, no astrologer could have advised Divya to unfollow pages on social media for a better life. Bhushan Kumar and Divya Khosla married on 13 February 2005. They also have a son who was born in October 2011. Divya is a director as well as an actor. While she has starred in films like Satyameva Jayate 2 and Yaariyan 2, she has also directed two films, Yaariyan and Sanam Re.  

 Divya Khosla-Bhushan Kumar divorce? The Yaariyan 2 actress first social media post since she dropped ‘Kumar’ from her name has once again raised eyebrows. Check out the post below. 

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