Disturbing TikTok Reveals CLC’s Sorn May Be Abused By Her “Violent” CEO, According To Fans


In a recent TikTok popular influencer Sabrina exposed a violent CEO who emotionally abused her and another “talent” who fans think is none other than CLC‘s Sorn. In the video, Sabrina explains in length “one of the most traumatic experiences” she’s gone through in the industry that involved her previous CEO trying to force the two girls to sign an absurd contract through violence and intimidation.

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

Sabrina starts the TikTok by explaining that she was gaslit into thinking that the terms of her contract with the company were fair. The company took 50% off every job that she did, and according to her barely invested in her career at all. The star also revealed that around the same time, she found out such terms were not normal at all, another “talent” in the company confided in her with some disturbing information about their CEO.

wild entertainment ceo leonard lim is allegedly emotionally abusing & taking advantage of clc’s sorn. sorn allegedly wants to leave wild entertainment but leonard lim is threatening her with 50k penalty for contact breach if she does. she was forced to sign a contract & silenced.

— niza (@coloredseung) January 26, 2024

Sabrina also mentions that the CEO is married, though he rarely talks about it, and that this would prove important later in the story. The talent told Sabrina she was being emotionally and verbally abused by him.

She had been having personal relations with him and is now upset that he doesn’t want anything serious with her.

— Sabrina on TikTok


iconic @Sorn

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Sabrina went on to share that she was “really disgusted” at the CEO’s treatment of her then-labelmate to the point that the other girl was “crying every night.” However, there’s more. The TikTok influencer shared that the two girls had jokingly talked about leaving the company in a separate private group chat, and the story took a turn for the worse when the CEO found out.

According to Sabrina, the CEO put the two in a room and tried to make them sign a new contract with even more absurd terms.

The new penalty was we would have to pay $50,000 USD per year for five years. Amounting to a quarter million if we breached or tried to leave early.

— Sabrina on TikTok

Fans allege the CEO Sabrina speaks of is Leonard Lim, CEO of WILD. | @itsleonardlim/Instagram

Much to the fans’ horror, Sabrina then confesses that the CEO started getting violent and “slamming stuff.” He then proceeded to separate the two girls so that they couldn’t communicate with each other.

That night was honestly the most traumatizing night of my life ever… I honestly was just so scared that he would hit me… I just sat there throughout the whole 3-hour confrontation.

— Sabrina on TikTok

so are we cool yet pic.twitter.com/LlRZ5asTXo

— 사브리나 (@jpbrinx) November 7, 2020

During the confrontation with Sabrina alone, she says the CEO tried to justify everything he did and blamed the other “talent.” According to the influencer, the CEO called the other talent “volatile” and “suicidal” in an attempt to excuse his manipulation and gaslighting. In the end Sabrina confessed that she herself didn’t sign the new contract, while the other “talent” did.

In the end, she came to me, started crying, and was like, ‘Oh, I shouldn’t have told you in the first place,’ as if everything was her fault.

— Sabrina on TikTok

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

The story has shocked and disturbed many fans, who have taken to Twitter to share why there are multiple signs that point towards the other talent unfortunately being Sorn.

the not knowing he was married thing is important bc his online presence hides it too. we also didn’t know he was married. a regular ceo doesn’t hide his marriage. only wild called them talent, korean agencies don’t call the ppl under contract “talent” pic.twitter.com/zC0DfW45y4

— niza (@coloredseung) January 26, 2024

the abusive ceo that sabrina was talking about is INDEED leonard. he is currently married to a korean model (he did not publicise it) sorn,seungyeon and whoever is in wild ent needs to leave the company asap pic.twitter.com/y5dDkFGZfj

— (@yujintothesky) January 27, 2024

this is the statement she released in 2022 after leaving wild where she explicitly says she was there two years, was close to the ppl running wild. the lines between business & friendship got blurred. left bc they couldnt meet eye to eye. all of this lignes up with her TikTok. https://t.co/Vd7pRpVNyG pic.twitter.com/5ouU02PGhv

— niza (@coloredseung) January 26, 2024

Fans are now asking for Sorn, her bandmate Seungyeon, as well as other artists signed with WILD, to leave the company as soon as possible. You can watch the full TikTok here:


0/10 experience never wanna do it again also finally able to get this off my chest cuz im not scared anymore

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 The allegations are damning and disturbing. 

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