Disturbing Photos Of Idol Trainee Surrounded By Mob Goes Viral


Disturbing photos of fans surrounding Huang Shuo, a popular C-Pop trainee, are shocking netizens.

Huang Shuo | Pinterest

Recently, several photos of the idol being overwhelmed by fans went viral.

Who is this? At Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport, the boy being watched was crying. It seems like it’s not easy to bear fans’ passionate love.

— Netizen

In another photo, the idol can be seen being suffocated by his fans at the airport. Netizens were shocked to see that the trainee wasn’t granted any personal space, making for a dangerous situation for both artists and fans.

Netizens reacted to the pictures, with many expressing their concerns. Many fans couldn’t believe the fact that the idol was getting this amount of attention despite not making his debut yet.

Who is this? Time Fengjun Entertainment 3rd generation trainee Huang Shuo People are already so crazy when he hasn’t even debuted yet. Isn’t he going to die once he debuts?

This is just another example of why fans should respect idols’ space. Although seeing your favorite idol is an incredible moment, it’s important that fans remember that the idol is human and their personal space should be respected. Click on the link below to read about another time fans got too close to idols.

Fans Enraged As RIIZE Members Get Separated By Crowd In Yet Another Chaotic Airport Mob


 The situation was dangerous for both artist and fans. 

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