Dispatch Exposes Beloved Singer In Bombshell Report


Dispatch revealed the truth behind MEENOI‘s allegations against AOMG. Previously, the singer alleged her label had forged her signature on contracts.

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On March 6, Dispatch released text messages between the singer and her label. In the messages, the label sent MEENOI the contents of an endorsement contract and informed her how much she would be compensated for it. MEENOI is seen agreeing enthusiastically to the offer..

AOMG: Sends contract [blurred]. AOMG: They said they would be entering Olive Young so I think the brand is legit. MEENOI: Lol. AOMG: It’s ₩200 million KRW (about $150,000 USD) for six months. I’ll organize the other details and send them to you. MEENOI: Ok! I like it~

Previously, MEENOI claimed that AOMG had forged her signature without her knowing. Dispatch, however, revealed that the contract was agreed on and signed by digital signature, which MEENOI had agreed to have done 40 times before.

Dispatch then revealed that MEENOI didn’t show up to the filming for the advertisement and then refused to pay the fee for breaking her contract. As the issue grew, MEENOI then claimed that AOMG had forged her signature.

Meanwhile, MEENOI became the center of controversy when after a bizarre livestream, it was revealed that she hadn’t shown up to film an advertisement. You can read more about the incident in the link below,

Star Rapper MEENOI Breaks Contract — Netizens Allude It To Her Tearful Livestream

 This is shocking. 

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