Dispatch Comes Under Fire After aespa’s Karina and Lee Jae Wook Report


Dispatch has found itself at the center of controversy after its latest report.

Lee Jae Wook (left) and Karina (right) | Pinterest

On February 27, Dispatch reported that aespa’s Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook were dating.

Dispatch Reveals aespa’s Karina And Actor Lee Jae Wook Are Dating

According to the report, the two fell in love after meeting at a fashion show in Milan that took place in January.

I think it’s fair to say they fell in love at first sight. They fell in love from the moment they met at the fashion show.

— Insider

Dispatch then went ahead and released several photos of Karina and Lee Jae Wook. The media outlet alleged that they were taken before or after meeting one another.

The report has since gone viral, with many taking exception to Dispatch’s report. Netizens criticized the media outlet for a litany of reasons pertaining to its latest report.

아니 근데 디스패치 양심 뒤졌냐?
최소 6개월은 되야 터뜨리지
만난지 겨우 한달 넘은 커플 터뜨리는건 에휴

— 춘식나무꾼 때려침 (@choonsik_luv) February 27, 2024

I mean, but does Dispatch not have a conscience? They should have waited at least 6 months to report this. I don’t think it’s right to report on a one-month old relationship, sigh.

— @choonsik_luv/Twitter

디스패치는 라이징스타는 안 터트린다더니 뭐 특정 소속사 라이징만 안 터트리는건가

— 파이 (@2024_pi) February 27, 2024

Dispatch claimed that they don’t release reports on rising stars. Did they mean by a few selected rising stars?

— @2024_pi/Twitter

지랄하지마 디스패치 개것들아 카리나가 뭐가 아쉬워서 그런 선택을 해 미친년들이

— ㅠㅠ (@ejqhdlwm22) February 27, 2024

Don’t bulls#it Dispatch. You f@ckers, why would Karina make that choice, you crazy b*tches.

— @ejqhdlwm22/Twitter

진심 디스패치 연예인부 기자? 아무튼 싹다 고소시키기고싶음..제대로 확인하고 내든가 확인하든 말든 지들멋대로 기사내고 맞다고 난리치고 이게뭐야

— 🆉🅴🆁 (@aes_ggis) February 27, 2024

Seriously, Dispatch’s entertainment writers need to be sued… They report news without verifying the facts and claim it’s correct. WTF is this?

— @aes_ggis/Twitter

디스패치 쟤넨 지랄오브지랄 또 시작이네
언제까지 연예기자인척 스토킹 할거임

— 므찌 (@Meu_zzi) February 27, 2024

Dispatch is the worst of the worst. Here they go again. When are they going to stop stalking celebrities while pretending to be reporters?

— @Meu_zzi/Twitter

디스패치 ㅈㅂ 망해라

— slow동글 (@chchchhchc0) February 27, 2024

I hope Dispatch is ruined.

— @chchchhchc0/Twitter

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