Disgraced Idol Spotted Hanging Out With Known Drug-Abusing Celebrities Who Frequented Burning Sun


Seungri was reportedly spotted hanging out with controversial celebrities who are known to be drug abusers.

Seungri | Korea JoongAng Daily

On September 20, a Hong Kong media outlet reported that Seungri was seen with Jaycee Chan and Taiwanese celebrity Ko Che Tung.

Ko Che Tung Jaycee Chan

The report states that the controversial trio was spotted in Singapore during the 2023 F1 Singapore Grand Prix.

F1 Singapore | F1

According to the report, both celebrities have served prison time for drug-related offenses and are currently banned from the Chinese entertainment industry.

A Korean article reporting on the sighting wrote that both Jaycee Chan and Ko Che Tung were known to have frequented Burning Sun, the controversial nightclub at the center of one of Korea’s biggest scandals.

Seungri’s Scandals: The Complete 2020 Update And Recap

The news of Seungri’s latest sighting doesn’t come as a surprise as it follows several other reported sightings of the disgraced former idol at night clubs and hotels.

Seungri Continues To Visit Clubs Following His Release From Prison

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 The former idol was sighted in Singapore. 

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