Dipika Kakar talks about Shoaib Ibrahim being her strength when Ruhaan was in NICU; says ‘It was heartbreaking’


Shoaib Ibrahim and Dipika Kakar make for the most adorable pair. They have a huge fan following and are loved in the telly town. They met on the sets of Sasural Simar Ka and became friends. Eventually, friendship turned into love and they decided to get married. The couple got married on February 22, 2018 and still going strong. Dipika had a tough time when she suffered a miscarriage in 2022. Shoaib and Dipika had revealed that it was a very difficult phase. However, in 2023 they welcomed their baby boy, Ruhaan. Dipika had been sharing a lot about her pregnancy phase. For all the TV News and Entertainment News updates, follow BollywoodLife on WhatsApp. However, Dipika and Shoaib’s journey with Ruhaan was not so easy. When Ruhaan was born, he was kept in NICU. He was on oxygen support and had an incubator. Dipika revealed that it was very difficult time for them post Ruhaan’s delivery.

Dipika on how Shoaib supported her post Ruhaan was in NICU

Recently, Shoaib and Dipika performed together and they dedicated their performance to Ruhaan. Dipika revealed in her vlog that when she delivered Ruhaan he was kept in NICU and she had no idea as she was unconscious. However, the doctor had called Shoaib in NICU and he knew all that was happening. Shoaib did not show it to Dipika. She further said, “The next day when I went to the NICU and I saw Ruhaan with bandages on his eyes, C-Pap as the first few days he was under oxygen support. As parents, it is a very heartbreaking sight. Ruhaan was a little uncomfortable and Shoaib kept looking at me.” Later, when they came back to their room, Dipika hugged Shoaib and cried badly. She said that despite many bad situations, Shoaib was her strength and he has handled everything so well. She further said that one has to keep going even if your baby is in NICU as the baby needs the mother.

Watch a video of Dipika, Shoaib and Ruhaan here:

She said, “I thank Shoaib for constantly being there, he would come from his hectic schedules, and he made sure that I was in a good mood all the time. It is very important for a woman to have her husband’s support and love during this journey.” Dipika Kakar has opened up about how her husband, Shoaib Ibrahim has been her biggest support when Ruhaan was in NICU soon after birth. 

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