Did Yang Hyun Suk “Botch” BABYMONSTER’s Debut Music Video?


YG Entertainment‘s newest girl group, BABYMONSTER, debuted November 27 (KST) with a banger, “Batter Up.” As much anticipated as the debut was, K-Pop fans welcomed the group and shared high praise for the members.

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The music video, on the other hand, received mixed reactions—with some Korean fans pointing out its similarities to previous YG Entertainment works, like 2NE1 and BLACKPINK music videos. One theqoo post pointed out how 2NE1, BLACKPINK, and BABYMONSTER music videos all consist of the same vibe, featuring solo segments in front of large props, extravagant backdrops, group dance sequences, and more.

BABYMONSTER’s music video (far right), in comparison to BLACKPINK’s music video (center) and 2NE1’s music video (far left). | theqoo | theqoo “Yeah… It does seem to be a bit outdated.” “FOR REAL. I found [BABYMONSTER’s] music video to be too similar [to the other music videos]. It has been a minute since I’ve seen a MV that predictable. It felt like I was watching a MV from the ancient K-Ballad times. Haha.” “When I listened to the song… It reminded me of 2NE1. No more, no less.” “Watch the MV. You’ll get flashbacks to the good ol’ times. The 2NE1, f(x), 4minute times.” “YG basically replicating itself. It’s hard to tell apart their groups now.” “It’s tacky.”

Following the premiere, one YG Entertainment insider called out producer Yang Hyun Suk for “botching” the music video. On Blind, a South Korean workplace community app for verified employees, someone from YG Entertainment revealed that the management does not have a visual director and that Yang is the one who worked on BABYMONSTER’s debut.

| Blind

F&F Insider: What’s going on with YG Entertainment…? Is it because Yang’s gone? The BABYMONSTER video is… So old. Doesn’t YG have a visual director? I can’t believe what YG has become.

| Blind

NAVER Insider: Well, if I had the skills… I’d work for HYBE instead, too.

YG Entertainment Insider: We never had a visual director to begin with.

F&F Insider: So… Then, how come BABYMONSTER’s MV feels extra outdated? I can’t help but compare it to BLACKPINK videos.

YG Entertainment Insider: It’s Yang Hyun Suk’s work.

In response to some of the comments comparing the quality of BABYMONSTER’s music video to that of BLACKPINK’s, the anonymous YG Entertainment insider also added that “All employees at YG Entertainment, too, want Yang Hyun Suk to step down” from producing.

| Blind

YG Entertainment Insider: BLACKPINK is produced by Teddy. BABYMONSTER is by Producer Yang.

F&F Insider: Oh man. 2NE1 and BLACKPINK were trendsetters. I don’t get BABYMONSTER’s video, though. It’s giving… 4minute.

YG Entertainment Insider: That’s what Producer Yang can offer.

F&F Insider: Bring Teddy back!

YG Entertainment Insider: For real, though. All employees at YG Entertainment, too, want Yang Hyun Suk to step down.

Screenshots of the insider’s comments have made rounds on social media platforms, with more Korean K-Pop fans discussing the debut.

| theqoo “Glad to know I wasn’t the only one who thought it was tacky.” “Aye…” “I mean, I could tell.” “So I wasn’t the only one who thought it was botched. I skipped commenting on it, though, because I didn’t want to sound like a malicious hater. NGL, things have stayed the same since BLACKPINK’s ‘Shut Down.’ It’s the 2NE1 vibe over and over again. YG needs a new music video director.” “Anything and everything that Yang f*cks with has gone to absolute garbage. He should’ve been imprisoned. That would’ve saved the company money.” “Actually… I only ever liked BLACKPINK’s debut MVs. And I realized they were produced by vm, which made so much sense.” “Teddy replicates a lot of his own works, too. But at least his stuff is good enough to replicate. The BABYMONSTER MV is literally straight out of 2NE1 era…” “Wait, YG Entertainment doesn’t have a visual director?! Even the smallest of management companies have one… I mean, I know they had an art director but they quit a long time ago.”

In the meantime, Yang has returned to working on producing at YG Entertainment following his legal battles. He was previously investigated under suspicions of attempting to cover up his artist’s drug controversy with money. In the latest appeal hearing, he was sentenced to one year of probation, with six months in prison should he violate probation.

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Watch BABYMONSTER’s debut MV “Batter Up” below.

 Someone from YG Entertainment shared their thoughts. 

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