Did We Miss The Hints? aespa’s Karina And Lee Jae Wook’s “Lovestagram”


Earlier on February 27, 2024, Dispatch reported that aespa’s Karina and actor Lee Jae Wook were dating. Following the news, his agency C-JeS Studio has confirmed that the two are getting to know one another. In a following statement, SM Entertainment has also broken their silence on the couple, acknowledging their relationship.

As the news sinks in, fans wonder if they could have missed the signs. A sharp-eyed fan pointed out that the two had posted very similar photos after the Prada show.

karina was actually beside jaewook on this pic pic.twitter.com/bahQkvH85m

— yumi | #TheImpossibleHeir feb 28th (@yukinyongin) February 27, 2024

It was stated by a source close to the pair that they “fell in love at first sight” at the show.

Karina posted this photo of her in the angelic white dress.

| @katarinabluu/Instagram

Lee Jae Wook posted a picture of his broad back. Karina is actually in the picture with him. If you look on the right side of the picture, her arm and dress can be seen.

| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

Celebrities are usually extremely careful with what and who they post on social media. Although it could have been a careless photo, Lee Jae Wook or his PR team could have easily cropped Karina’s arm out to avoid any issue.

They also posted photos of the same sculpture from the Prada event. Karina  posted these series of upside-down mushrooms.

| @katarinabluu/Instagram

Lee Jae Wook posted his version a day later.

| @jxxvvxxk/Instagram

The show was the start of their blossoming relationship! Looking back on their posts from then has become meaningful to fans of the two.

 Did you notice? 

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