“Did They Just Kiss On The Lips?” — TWICE’s Sana And (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon Show How Close They Really Are In New Video Together


The internet’s favorite visual duo is back together!

TWICE’s Sana and (G)I-DLE’s Miyeon | @noodle.zip/Instagram

Besties TWICE‘s Sana and (G)I-DLE‘s Miyeon just flooded Instagram with new photos and videos from their latest hangout.

| @noodle.zip/Instagram

The two shared their love for each other in the caption and in a series of adorable comments.

I love you I love you 🪽🩵 。* .ᰔ ଘ(∗ ɞ̴̶̷ ·̮ ɞ̴̶̷ )੭່˙ .⁺ ˖ ⌒

— Miyeon

Your browser does not support video.| @noodle.zip/Instagram 

Sana: “So much love, what do I do?‍”

Miyeon: “What to do🥹🩷 There’s still more [love] left…”

| @noodle.zip/Instagram | @noodle.zip/Instagram | @m.by__sana/Instagram

However, the cutest video of all shows their almost kiss!

Your browser does not support video.| @noodle.zip/Instagram 

They also experimented with some cute filters, showing off both their flawless visuals and adorable friendship.

| @noodle.zip/Instagram | @noodle.zip/Instagram | @noodle.zip/Instagram

It’s official: We have now seen two pretty best friends!

| @noodle.zip/Instagram | @noodle.zip/Instagram

Check out the full post below.

 They are the cutest! 

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