Did Salman Khan get ignored by Cristiano Ronaldo; viral video shows Tiger 3 star’s fan moment


Salman Khan‘s viral video of sitting along with the superstar player Cristiano Ronaldo has been going viral till now, and this latest video shows that the superstar Tiger 3 star is a huge fan of the football player. Salman Khan, who is largely celebrated for his exceptional work across the globe, was ignored by Cristiano Ronaldo, and this video shows the Tiger having a fan moment. Self-proclaimed Kamaal R. Khan shared the video of the superstar where he takes a dig at him, claiming that he got by the player, and in the video, one can see Ronaldo passing through SK without having a glimpse at him.

Watch the video of Cristiano Ronaldo walking away without acknowledging superstar Salman Khan’s presence.

He is a world famous player @Cristiano and he doesn’t recognise Chote – Mote actors of Bollywood.?? pic.twitter.com/zu6kTzmbt0

KRK (@kamaalrkhan) October 30, 2023

Salman Khan was surrounded by bodyguards where the Tiger 3 star couldn’t let his eyes of the star player, and the fans were in love seeing their superstar having a fan moment. The video has been receiving a mixed response from the fans and the internet, where some are claiming that Salman Khan witnessed an international bezatti come in defiance of him. Salman Khan‘s fans love the way he adores Cristiano and claim this proves that the superstar is humble and down to earth, and we cannot agree more. When Salman Khan introduced himself to Jon Travolta. And this incident reminded them of how humbly the Tiger 3 star had introduced himself to Grease star John Travolta, saying, ‘I work in the Indian film industry. My name is Salman Khan’. This incident happened in 2022 at an award ceremony in Riyadh.   Salman Khan is a huge star in Bollywood, and there is no other actor who enjoys stardom like him in the industry. Even Shah Rukh Khan admires the Tiger 3′s success and fame. There is nobody like our Salman Khan.    

 Salman Khan went unnoticed by Cristiano Ronaldo; the viral video of the Tiger 3 star being ignored by the football player is grabbing eyeballs. 

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