Deepika Padukone On Equation With Shah Rukh Khan: “I’m One Of The Few He’s Vulnerable With”

It’s rare for the reserved Deepika Padukone to really open up about her interpersonal relationships but when she does, it’s revelatory. Speaking to The Week, Deepika discussed superstar colleague Shah Rukh Khan, in whose blockbuster film Jawan she makes a special appearance.  “We are each other’s lucky charm. But honestly, we are beyond luck. We have a sense of ownership over each other,” Deepika told The Week, adding, “I am one of the few people he is vulnerable with. There is so much trust and respect, and I think that luck is just the cherry on the top.”

Deepika Padukone and Shah Rukh Khan go back many years – right to her first film Om Shanti Om in 2007 in which she co-starred with SRK, both playing dual roles as reincarnated versions of their opening characters. Since then, they have co-starred in Chennai Express, Happy New Year, Pathaan earlier this year and now Jawan. Pathaan reset the Bollywood box office, Jawan is now smashing Pathaan‘s records.

For Deepika, however, it’s less about the box office business and more about the audience response. “I’ve never been fascinated by numbers whether it was Maths in school or the numbers of Pathaan. I was just happy that cinemas had come alive again, that people had come alive again. I was really grateful for that,” she said.

Shah Rukh Khan plays a double role in Jawan with Deepika Padukone playing the wife of one of his characters. Her role is only a few minutes long – but a few minutes is all Deepika needs. The Internet has been smitten by her performance as the luminous but tragic Aishwarya, whose arc provides both of SRK’s characters the motivation they need. Deepika has also been singled out by critics as well as her film fraternity colleagues for praise.

Deepika Padukone’s lineup includes Kalki 2898 AD with Prabhas and Fighter opposite Hrithik Roshan.

 “We are each other’s lucky charm,” Deepika said about SRK     

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