Coughing Up Blood? Behind IU’s Painful Experience While Recording The “Love Wins All” Track


IU recently released her song “Love Wins All.”

Though she performed phenomenally as an actress in the music video, she was actually sick during the three-day filming process. The editors of “IU TV” confirmed that she caught the flu and thus had a harder time shooting the action scenes.

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When monitoring her performance, she informed co-star BTS‘s V that the final recording of the track would be the day after they finished the music video shoot. It was already postponed three times because of her health and thus, despite still being sick, she still pushed through a few days later.

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It was not an easy time for her just  as expected. It was confirmed on a new “IU TV” episode that she was “suffering from a severe cold due to overwork and outdoor filming.” 

As her voice was hoarse, there were several moments when she had to stop singing in order to compose herself.

She also coughed numerous times in between takes.

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To lighten the mood, composer Donghwan joked that news articles should write about this vlog using the title “Coughing up blood.” After all, they suspected that IU’s condition was so bad that she could eventually get pneumonia if she continued to work this hard.

Even if it’s not pneumonia, it’s like you’re going to get pneumonia. It’ll become pneumonia after today because of this recording today. The headline for the press release of this song should say ‘Coughing up Blood.’

— Donghwan

Despite her health being worse than usual, IU still gave a phenomenal performance. The producer couldn’t help but praise her, saying, “You only have half the stamina than the guide recording but your voice sounds better” and, “This was great.”

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She eventually wrapped up the session with a smile, satisfied with the day’s work.

I think it’s good!


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Check out the full video below to see more of what happened behind the scenes.

 She was sick this whole time. 

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