Controversy Erupts After “Project Runway” Designer White-Washes Asian Model


American designer Michael Costello is under fire for allegedly white-washing an Asian model.

Michael Costello | @michaelcostello/Instagram Shereen Wu | @shereenwu/Instagram

Recently, model Shereen Wu posted a video clip to her Instagram.

In her video, Shereen Wu calls out designer Michael Costello for posting a white-washed photo of the model.

I recently walked for Michael Costello, but that’s not me who he posted on his story. Editing my face and removing my race is completely disrespectful.

— Shereen Wu

The model then provides a screenshot of her conversation with the designer, in which she confronts him for uploading an edited version of the photo.

IIn the screenshots, Michael Costello can be seen claiming that a photographer edited the photos and that the designer didn’t have control of the edits. Shereen Wu, however, debunked the claim by revealing photos with the photographer, who stated that he did not edit the photos, while also revealing that the photographer had uploaded the original picture of the model on his Instagram.

Shereen Wu then revealed that she didn’t get paid to model for the designer and that she had worked for him for the exposure. The model then stated that by deleting her face, the designer was taking advantage of her.

The issue has since gone viral and has reached Korea. Korean netizens couldn’t help but express outrage over the model’s treatment.

“WTF.” “Pay her, you crazy b@stard.” “According to Twitter, he has a history of racism.” “F*cking pay her, you dumb@ass.” “I hope this becomes a bigger issue.” “Deleting her race? Is he insane?” “F@cking psycho.” “I hope this becomes a bigger issue. Is he psycho?” “If he’s going to pull this s#it, he should have gone with a white model to begin with. Wtf is this? And he didn’t pay her. He’s a thug.” “This is racism.” “Hurry up and pay her.” “Pay her first, you racist son of a bi#ch.”

Meanwhile, Michael Costello is an American designer who competed in Project Runway. The designer has previously been accused of calling designer Maxie James the N-word after she accused him of plagiarizing. Michael Costello was also called out by singer Leona Lewis and Reality TV star Falynn Guobadia for allegedly body-shaming them.



 “Pay her first, you racist son of a bi#ch.” 

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