Content Creator Goes Viral For His Uncanny Resemblance To BTS’s RM


Content creator Robin Lim (@Robinlim3939 on TikTok) is going viral due to his resemblance to BTS‘s RM.


Recently, he went viral with 3.6M views on TikTok at the time of writing. In the video, he depicted how nerds, even in K-Dramas, are handsome AF.


Kdrama lead role be like:

♬ original sound – Robinlim3939 – Robinlim3939

Netizens couldn’t get over just how similar he looked to BTS’s RM. Robin Lim’s comment section is filled with ARMYs, pointing out that he looks nearly identical to the BTS leader.

From his smile to even his hairstyle and glasses, there’s an uncanny resemblance. Robin Lim even has dimples like RM!

Many of his other videos, like the one below, have continued to go viral, too, with over 3M views at the time of writing as netizens marvel over the two men’s similarities.


There’s a difference ep7

♬ original sound – XVX – XVX

Do you see the resemblance between RM and Robin Lim?

 The similarities are endless! 

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