Comedian Jun Hyun Moo Is Rumored To Be Getting Married And Leave “I Live Alone”


Jun Hyun Moo found himself at the center of marriage rumors.

Jun Hyun Moo | OSENRecently, news outlets reported that it has been rumored that Jun Hyun Moo was engaged and that he may be leaving his post as MC on the popular variety show I Live Alone.

The rumors were lit when the comedian was filmed recently with a ring on his left hand.

The comedian, who is 46, had stated before that he wanted to get married. Notably, during a fortune-telling segment on a variety show, a fortune teller prophecized that the comedian may be getting married this year. Jun Hyun Moo responded to the fortune teller by asking if he would be getting married soon.

Am I getting married this year?

— Jun Hyun Moo

In an interview with Xports News, Jun Hyun Moo’s agency addressed the marriage allegations carefully.

The ring doesn’t mean what many think.

— Jun Hyun Moo’s agency

The comedian’s agency further denied that he would be leaving I Live Alone, saying, “The rumors are false.”

 The comedian responded to the rumors. 

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