CLC’s Sorn And Her Label Have Adressed Abuse Accusations In Recent Statements


CLC‘s Sorn and her label, WILD, have responded to accusations of abuse that stemmed from a lengthy TikTok posted by influencer Sabrina. Both parties strongly denied the allegations from fans that Sorn was being emotionally abused and forced to stay under contract with the label.

| @sssorn_chonnasorn/Instagram

The claims started when Sabrina posted a damning TikTok where she shared the “most traumatic experience of her life. She shared how she and another “talent” from her company were both put in a room and pressured by a “violent CEO” who was trying to make them sign a new contract with a ridiculous penalty. The TikToker confessed the CEO was being so violent, slamming things around them, that she was scared he was going to hit her.


0/10 experience never wanna do it again also finally able to get this off my chest cuz im not scared anymore

♬ original sound – Sabrina 리나 – Sabrina 리나

Sabrina concluded the TikTok by sharing that while she herself didn’t sign the contract, the other girl from the label did. Fans soon started the make theories, with many becoming convinced the CEO in question was WILD’s Leonard Lim and that the other talent was CLC’s Sorn.

wild entertainment ceo leonard lim is allegedly emotionally abusing & taking advantage of clc’s sorn. sorn allegedly wants to leave wild entertainment but leonard lim is threatening her with 50k penalty for contact breach if she does. she was forced to sign a contract & silenced.

— niza (@coloredseung) January 26, 2024

After the accusations grew, it seems Sorn and her label found it appropriate to post a response to these claims.

the abusive ceo that sabrina was talking about is INDEED leonard. he is currently married to a korean model (he did not publicise it) sorn,seungyeon and whoever is in wild ent needs to leave the company asap

— (@yujintothesky) January 27, 2024

In their statement, WILD strongly denied the allegations regarding the emotional and verbal abuse of their artist and called them “unsubstantiated and grossly untrue.”

WILD Group is aware of recent malicious allegations regarding the Company contained in several media articles. With reference to these, WILD group wishes to state in the strongest terms that the aforementioned allegations regarding the emotional and verbal abuse of our artist are unsubstantiated and grossly untrue.

WILD Group maintains the highest standards of corporate governance and transparency in all our business dealings. At our core, our main priority will always be our team, our artists, and their well-being.

— WILD on Twitter

| @itsleonardlim/Instagram

Sorn released a simila statement of her own, where she assured fans and friends that she is “completely fine.” The CLC star added that if she hadnt been happy she would have done something about it.

 I’ve been getting a lot of message from both friends and fans and I want to say I really appreciate everyone’s concern towards me.

I’m completely fine, I always have been fine, and most importantly I’m happy!

Please know that I’m an adult and I can make my own judgements and decisions. You guys know me… if I wasn’t happy with something, I would’ve done something a long time ago.

I really appreciate all f you for always having my best interest at heart.

— Sorn via Twitter

— Sorn (@sssorn_clc) January 29, 2024

While fans have embraced Sorn’s message, they remain unhappy at the company. They point out how in their statement WILD didn’t say anything to debunk the accusations.

you have not debunked the allegations made against the ceo of this unprofessional inconsistent unorganized company & as such I can no longer support ur artists knowing how much the ceo financially gains. 50% cut & the allegations are disgusting even if its not sorn.

— niza (@coloredseung) January 29, 2024

y’all realised they’re so quick to come out with a statement to defend their ceo but never took any actions when sorn faced so much malicious comments/hates

— (@yujintothesky) January 29, 2024

Fans also claim the company never did anything to protect their artist, Sorn, when she faced malicious comments in the past, but rushed to quickly defend itself and the CEO now.

 They both posted their statements on Twitter. 

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