Chuu Gets Real About The Possibility Of A LOONA Reunion


Singer Chuu, a former member of the girl group LOONA, has finally made her official debut as a soloist with the mini album Howl. On October 13, she held a media showcase, performing two songs from the EP, “Howl” and “Underwater.”

While the event was a significant milestone in her career as a singer, Chuu couldn’t help feeling emotional. This solo debut came six years after her debut with LOONA and her sudden removal from the group in November 2022 due to contract disputes. Chuu had to fight her former agency long and hard in court to win her freedom as an artist and then restart her career from scratch.

During the press event, the singer talked honestly about her career trajectory, the hardships she faced so far, and her gratitude toward her fans. Above all, she explained that her love for music comforted her and gave her confidence through the difficulties.

I gain energy from singing and return it to others through the process. Going onstage as a vocalist was what I’ve longed for the most and that’s why I couldn’t give up on the dream until now.

— Chuu

Chuu didn’t forget to mention her former groupmates, the members of LOONA, either. The singer confirmed that despite the legal battles all 12 had to go through, their friendship is unchanged.

Former LOONA members | @loonatheworld/Twitter

While Chuu was the first member to seek legal action against her former agency, Blockberry Creative, and suspend her exclusive contract with them, all the other members followed her lead soon. They requested a temporary injunction against Blockberry to suspend their contract and ultimately won the case, making them free. Now, the former LOONA members have found new labels, save Yves.

Despite belonging to separate companies now, the members still play their songs to each other before the releases and show wholehearted support.

I also played my music to the members of LOONA to see their reactions. The members gave me a lot of support and said they liked the songs and that it suited me well. I received a lot of encouragement, and it gave me motivation.

— Chuu

Speaking about the possibility of fans seeing the 12 of them together, Chuu got emotional and said that it’s something that all the members are desperately hoping for as well.

We’ve talked countless times about the 12 of us performing together again. We’re always open to that possibility and want to make it happen as soon as possible.

— Chuu

While fans were relieved when the members could free themselves from the unfair contracts with Blockberry, losing a solid team like LOONA did leave significant regret in their hearts. So, the possibility of them reuniting anytime soon is something they will be looking forward to.

 She touched upon their current relationship status. 

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