Chinese Influencer Who Claims To “Be Immortal, Cure Illness, And Make People Rich” Arrested


Chinese influencer Guo was recently arrested for conning her viewers out of money in the most bizarre ways.

Guo | Baidu

The influencer made various false claims that she lead fans to believe, such as being immortal, curing illnesses, making people rich, telling fortunes, and exorcising spirits. To further lead her supporters to believe this, she displayed “thank you” banners that were allegedly sent to her by people she helped.

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Viewer Jin contacted her in hopes of curing his parents’ illnesses, increase his finances, and visit his home to assess the feng shui, all for 2,000 CNY ($280 USD). However, when his parents health didn’t improve, Jin knew he had been scammed. However, in fear of retaliation against his family, he stayed silent.

Guo | SCMP composite/Shutterstock/Baidu

In the past, she had placed curses and sent her following to attack those who dared to reveal the truth about her. Her offensive behavior continued to increase her following. She then took things to the next level.

She devised a new tactic of provoking and cursing people on their doorsteps, featuring the entire process on her live-streaming channel to attract attention and increase traffic.

In September last year, after enduring Guo’s online verbal abuse, several victims reported her to the police.

The influencer has been charged with “picking quarrels and provoking trouble”.

Investigators decided she had, in fact, provoked, slandered, and intimidated dozens of people during her live-streams, and she was detained by the People’s Procuratorate in Gaoping City, in the northern province of Shanxi.


Guo with police | Baidu

Her arrest lead to conversation about cyberbullying and safe online spaces.

 She took it too far. 

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