Chinese Celebrity Couple With 19-Year Age Gap Unapologetically Announces Their Relationship


A Chinese celebrity couple is gaining attention for their age gap relationship.

42-year old singer Jin Sha (also known as Kym) and 23-year old actor Cheng Xiao announced to the public on November 3 that they are dating.

I’d like to introduce my boyfriend to everyone.

— Jin Sha

They told their fans via Chinese social media platform Weibo that they will be appearing on the reality show Viva La Romance. This romance-focused program follows five couples on a trip meant to strengthen each one’s relationship.

Jin Sha was born in 1981 while Cheng Xiao was born in 2000, making them 19 years apart. In fact, while she was first making a name for herself in the entertainment industry, he was just a toddler.

Cheng Xiao: The year she became famous was the year I was born.

Jin Sha: Not yet, but close enough.

Jin Sha shot to fame in 2005 after releasing a duet with famous singer JJ Lin called “The Wind Over The Summer.”

While not all of their friends are supportive of their relationship, they are satisfied that several of them are cheering them on.

Half of my friends are very envious that I have such a handsome ‘younger brother’ who is very gentle and considerate, while the other half feel that I’m quite idealistic and wonder if I should be more level-headed.

— Jin Sha

Though they have a significant age gap, Jin Sha can already see that Cheng Xiao is “husband material,” albeit a bit too young to consider moving on to that phase in his life.

It’s just that he’s a bit young to be getting married so early. But no choice, good men aren’t readily available on the market. They’ll be snatched up early.

— Jin Sha

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Overall, they’re a happy couple who is excited to show the world their love for each other.

My relationship with my ‘younger brother’ is going very smoothly. I want everyone to see that my boyfriend is pretty good.

— Jin Sha


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