Chilean Cover Artist Shocks ARMYs With Similarities To BTS’s Jungkook


A Chilean cover artist is gaining attention for covering BTS Jungkook‘s songs.

BTS’s Jungkook

You can find his cover videos @blood.shield18 on Instagram or @pamelabonna on TikTok. The 18-year-old Chilean does both dance and vocal covers. While he has shared dance covers of EXO Kai‘s “Rover” and SHINee Taemin‘s “Guilty,” he specializes in songs by BTS’s Jungkook.

One of his recent performances attracted attention. He performed a variety of Jungkook’s songs, such as “Seven” and “Yes or No.”

His performances of Jungkook’s hit songs “Standing Next to You” and “3D” have gone viral, with 1.2M and 121.7K views, respectively.


standing next to you #purpureyou #fyp #coversong #btsarmy #ot7bts #parati #army #jungkook

♬ 2U(翻自:JUNGKOOK) – 鲸


3D #purpureyou #coversong #btsarmy #ot7bts #parati #parati #army

♬ Letter by Park Jimin – jenarchive

Anyone will admit it’s no easy feat to cover Jungkook’s songs. So, netizens were amazed by the young man’s stability as well as even his vocal similarities to Jungkook.

Some joked that the cover artist was “close enough” to Jungkook that he should go on Weverse Live in the idol’s absence as he’s fulfilling his mandatory military service. Others were so impressed that they seriously encouraged him to pursue a music career.

Hopefully, a company recognizes his talents and signs him!

 Someone sign him now! 

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