Child Trainee’s Classmates Protect Him From A Reported Adult Stalker Fan


The debate of young people debuting in K-Pop has come up time and time again as netizens consider the effects of early debut on children.

With NewJeans‘ debut in 2022, many issues arose from the girls’ young ages, including the ages of the people meeting them and health concerns for young idols overall.

NewJeans | High Snobiety

A recent viral video has triggered the conversation yet again involving a young Chinese entertainment company trainee.

TF Entertainment is a company based in Bejing, China, that was established in 2009. The company has produced multiple boy groups, including TNT and TFBOYS.

TNT | TF Entertainment

Recently, an account sharing content from China posted clips of a reported company trainee being escorted from school by his classmates. In the clips, his classmates attempt to fend off what appears to be an adult woman, taking video of him as he leaves.

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Each clip shows the woman getting physical with the children as they attempt to keep her away from the trainee.

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It is not uncommon for trainees to have fans before their debut, and TF Entertainment’s groups have often included young members — TFBOYS debuted when the group’s members were 12 and 13.

TFBOYS | TF Entertainment

Netizens have shown surprise over the video and wondered why someone so young and not yet debuted would have to deal with an adult stalker fan already.

this is a fully grown woman stalking and recording a child at his school like i’m gonna need her behind bars immediately

— AARON (@lidolmix) November 21, 2023

she needs to be under investigation and i’m so serious bc why are you as a grown woman stalking a CHILD outside his school and taking videos of him?

— m (@ksgparks) November 20, 2023

some ppl really weren’t raised right cuz how are you as a grown person shoving a camera on a child’s face and following them to their car

— jerry netherlands (@gowonsIayed) November 20, 2023

 The woman can be seen shoving the children. 

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