Cheating Husband’s Gay Affairs Cost Him More Than His Marriage To His Wife


Recently, Chinese netizens were left stunned by an unexpected case of infidelity.

A man in China was caught having multiple affairs with other men, leading to the breakdown of his marriage. The wife, identified as Xiaojuan, met her husband, Xiachen, a tall and handsome student at a prestigious Shanghai university.

Xiachen won over Xiaojuan and her family easily with his charms. The couple got engaged within two months of dating, and soon enough, Xiaohuan was pregnant with their first child. As a result, her wealthy parents gifted them a CNY 15 million Yuan (nearly USD 2 million Dollars)  property in downtown Shanghai for their family to live comfortably.


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Apart from the associated costs like the initial downpayment and the monthly mortgage, Xiaojuan’s parents also paid for a CNY 1 million Yuan renovation of the house. However, the property had to be registered under her husband’s name since she didn’t have a Shanghai household registration or a social insurance record in the city.

But only six months after their son’s birth, Xiaojuan discovered that her husband was cheating on her. She had been sleeping separately from her husband since her pregnancy. Later, she discovered sexually explicit texts on Xiaochen’s phone with multiple men. When all attempts at reconciliation failed, Xiaojuan moved on to divorce, hoping to recover her property in the process as well.

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During the legal proceedings, Xiaochen denied being gay and even claimed that the property was a bride price paid by the bride’s family to make up for the financial disparity between him and his wife. The claim surprised even the judge since the groom’s family usually provides a bride price or a betrothal gift.

The court eventually ruled in Xiaojuan’s favor, awarding her the ownership of the property based on evidence. However, the custody of their son was given to Xiaochen.

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After the Shanghai Law Journal reported the case, it created heated discussions on social media over the ruling. While netizens were happy that Xiaojuan won back the house, they couldn’t agree with the child’s custody decision.

While some said that the man was actually gay and scammed the woman for money, others were astonished that such a man won custody of the child. Netizens were also enraged thinking about the child’s future, noting that being raised by such a man puts their future at risk.

 Most netizens are unhappy with the ruling. 

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