Chand Jalne Laga Exclusive: Kanika Mann calls co-star Vishal Aditya Singh the most underrated actor, says, ‘Nobody knows what…’


Guddan Tumse Na Ho Payega fame Kanika Mann is all set to wow the audience with her new TV show, Chand Jalne Laga. She will be seen as Tara in the show opposite Vishal Aditya Singh. Vishal will play the role of Dev in the show. Chand Jalne Laga outlines the extraordinary journey of two childhood sweethearts, who once were each other’s sanctuary, but the fate separates them. The show promises to be the most passionate love story of the year. This is a big story in Entertainment News. Kanika Mann spoke to BollywoodLife exclusively about her chemistry with Vishal Aditya Singh. She shared, “When people ask about the fears regarding the show, my fear is always about whether people will accept the jodi or not. I am never worried about the TRPs and all but for a love story, accepting the jodi is important. I am really looking forward to people accepting me and Vishal as a new jodi. People have loved the promo and we are really happy that everyone is praising the promo. The jodi is very important to work for a love story. We are really trying our best to look convincing and relatable.”

Kanika calls Vishal the most underrated actor

She further went on the speak about her off-screen bond with Vishal and praised him for his performance. Kanika called Vishal the most underrated actor of the industry. She shared, “We started shooting like 15 days ago. We have got very less time together. The starting of the shooting was also just about character establishment scenes. We shot for just few days but trust me I am very happy that Vishal is there as my co-star. I must say that Vishal is an underrated actor from our industry.”

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Kanika talks about her off-screen bond with Vishal

“Industry doesn’t know what talent he has. I never knew it but in these few days I understood what a talent he is. He gives his 100% everytime. He comes raw, he comes without any baggage. He comes with the thought that I have to give my 100%. And when you are such an actor, you make things easy for your co-stars as well. The scenes come out really well. This also makes your bond very well. So, our bond is really nice as of now and I am really enjoying it. I hope this stays the same in the future as well, “she added.

 Kanika Mann and Vishal Aditya Singh will be seen as Tara and Dev in the new TV show, Chand Jalne Laga. Kanika recently opened up about her bond with Vishal. 

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