Canceled Show Host Who Blatantly Cursed During A Live Broadcast Will Return After “Self-Reflection”


Earlier this year, a popular TV home-shopping host blatantly swore during a live broadcast and was suspended from the show. It was recently revealed that she would return as a host after some self-reflection.

Show host Jeong Yoon Jeong | @jung__show/Instagram

Home shopping is a popular method of shopping in Korea, where the show host shows and talks about a product, and the viewers can purchase it online or through a phone call.

Show hosts selling a Paseco air-conditioner | Hyundai Home Shopping

On January 28, 2023, during the live broadcast of the program Jeong Show on Hyundai Home Shopping, the host, Jeong Yoon Jeong, expressed dissatisfaction and used profanity. The cosmetics she was selling sold out early, but they could not end the broadcast early because of a scheduled broadcast afterward. Therefore, the host expressed dissatisfaction about not being able to end the show early and said, “XX, I was going to go play.”

Jeong Yoon Jeong curses while on air. | SBS

The colleague who was co-hosting the broadcast appeared flustered. When the production team realized Jeong Yoon Jeong used profanity, they asked her to clarify the situation and apologize to the audience. Jeong Yoon Jeong replied nonchalantly and told the audience to watch the live broadcast as if it were a reality program.

Should I clarify? I will. I’m good at clarifying. Ah, inappropriate language during the broadcast, yes. I’ll do that. What did I do? I forgot. Oh yes, occasionally during the broadcast, I apologize for using inappropriate language, but please view it as entertainment.

— Jeong Yoon Jeong

Your browser does not support video.| SBS 

She eventually released an apology statement in March, but netizens were unconvinced. Despite her apology, she first received an indefinite appearance suspension from Hyundai Home Shopping, then was expelled in April.

On October 19, NS Home Shopping announced that host Jeong Yoon Jeong would appear on the sales broadcast for Dermacure’s Be-Be Cream at 8:30 p.m. (KST) on October 21. Since she was expelled, this would be the host’s first appearance on a home shopping broadcast.


According to an NS Home Shopping official, they clarified that Jeong Yoon Jeong would be appearing as a guest—not as the host of her own show.

Host Jeong will be appearing as a sales broadcast guest rather than hosting her own show. Intervening in the appearance of guest hosts from partner companies on TV home shopping channels can be considered interference in management… We will focus on monitoring to comply with broadcasting review regulations.

— NS Home Shopping official

NS Home Shopping also announced a revision of its broadcasting review regulations. They have strengthened the “one-strike-out” system, which previously applied penalties differentially from 1 to 4 times, to impose penalties, including a maximum indefinite appearance suspension, for any serious problems that may occur.

| NS Home Shopping

Choi Sung Bok, the head of the NS Home Shopping Broadcast Review Consumer Protection Team, said they aim to create more trustworthy broadcasts with their strengthened review process.

Through this strengthened review process, we will take the lead in creating trustworthy broadcasts in the TV home shopping industry with even more stringent standards that meet customer expectations.

— Choi Sung Bok, Head of the NS Home Shopping Broadcast Review Consumer Protection Team

When the controversy first erupted in January, the host made her Instagram private. Later, she reopened it but has since turned her comments off. Many are expectant to see how netizens will respond when Jeong Yoon Jeong returns to hosting shows.

 What if it happens again? 

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