Can Trainees Who Are Adults Indulge In Alcohol? TWICE’s Jihyo Tells All


TWICE’s Jihyo recently guested on Ssulply. As the show visited JYP Entertainment, they bumped into a training manager for the trainees. Jihyo shared about the strict standards she had to adhere to when she was a trainee.

According to the star, if a trainee was caught going to a club, they would be cut immediately. Alternatively, if they were caught going to a suljib, a term which covers anything from a pub to a bar, to even a casual drinking establishment, they would be suspended temporarily. Suspensions were often used to punish trainees back then, as they could not come to practice. Jihyo admitted that she had seen a few people get punished that way.

Even adult trainees had to adhere to these strict rules! Jihyo explained that these were the rules when she was a trainee, which was a long time ago. Things could be different now, but as the company puts a strict emphasis on the moral values of a trainee, it is likely that similar rules exist.

 Even adult trainees had to follow these rules. 

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