BTS’s V Shows His True Personality When Asked To Promote A Restaurant


BTS‘s V has gained attention for his behavior after going to a restaurant, especially his willingness to “promote” the location.


It is common for idols to visit restaurants and leave signatures for netizens to know that they ate there.

It seems like V has taken it a step further.

On November 9, Simbacurry in Jeju posted a photo, and of course, netizens noticed straight away that the person holding the adorable dog was BTS’s V. In the photo, the idol was snuggled up with the dog, and from his features and CELINE hat, it was undeniably V.

| @simbacurry/Instagram

While it easily could’ve just been posted, the restaurant explained that not only did V allow the photo to be taken, but he gave them permission to use it during times when they are not so busy.

I asked if I could upload the photo when it was non-peak periods and he very cheerfully said “sure, go for it.” What will I do if too many people come to Simba Curry? What will I do if we become globally famous?

If that wasn’t enough, the cafe had some fun in the comments, and when a user messaged, “Please give me a tip-off as to who it is…” the person replying knew how handsome V was and his undeniable features. In reply, the account explained, “Can’t you tell by the side profile of his nose…?”

As always, V never fails to showcase his true personality. While a signature is always good, the fact he allowed them to post his picture during his time off to help them gain attention when they’re not busy showcases his true personality.

 It is very different from other idols! 

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