BTS’s V Shocks Fans By Posting Never-Before-Seen Photos With IU


V has taken the internet by storm after sharing a series of candid pictures with IU on his Instagram account. The BTS star starred in IU’s “Love wins all” music video, and the internet has not stopped talking about their performances and chemistry ever since.

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In the music video, V and IU star as a couple fighting to survive a harsh and post-apocalyptic world. Through multiple heart-wrenching scenes, the two idols treat fans to an epic love tale and just as epic on-screen chemistry.

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Their amazing performances reaped the well-earned rewards soon after the video was released, as it quickly became the talk of town and went viral online pretty much everywhere. From Weibo to Twitter, TikTok, and Instagram, fans and non-fans alike could not stop posting adorable clips and snapshots. And V has decided to treat us all with more!

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In a recent Instagram post, the BTS star delighted fans with five pictures of himself posing next to IU, that have never been seen before. Talk about a treat!

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Four of the pictures are new cuts of the incredibly popular scene of IU and V inside a photo booth — where they took a 4-cut snapshot wearing wedding attire. These four new pictures are just as adorable as the original ones kept in the music video, and fans are now in awe of how comfortable the two stars seem to be with each other.

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The fifth and final picture has the duo standing in the middle of what seems to be an empty road — as always, clad in their (now-popular) wedding outfits. The photo was seemingly taken on a particularly windy night, as both V and IU can be seen cringing at the cold as their hair is blown away.  They definitely look like the perfect couple!

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The post has already accumulated more than 5.2 million likes in less than 2 hours since it was posted — and we expected nothing less, considering the immense popularity they’ve been enjoying.

In a previous post, V also uploaded behind the scenes shots of himself, treating fans to more updates. That post was equally loved as well — having surpassed 5.4 million likes in just 4 hours.

With all the noise surrounding them and the music video, it’s definitely easy to say that V and IU have stolen netizens’ hearts as an on-screen couple — but it seems like they’ve pretty much done that with their off-screen friendship as well.

 The BTS star treated fans to some behind the scenes candid photos. 

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