BTS’s V Returns To Social Media With A Heartfelt Request For ARMYs


BTS member V is currently fulfilling his mandatory military service in the elite “Special Duty Team” (SDT), the anti-terrorism unit directly under the supervision of the Blue House.

V | @thv/Instagram

Having enlisted in late December last year, most of V’s service tenure is still left. While fans are waiting eagerly for his return with all the other BTS members, it seems that the feeling is mutual on both sides. On March 2, KST, V stopped by social media platforms to interact with ARMYs and give them a few updates.

V and RM | @rkive/Instagram

First, he posted a story on his individual Instagram account with an old dance practice video of all seven members together. In the caption, he requested fans to keep BTS in their hearts while they are away.

[thv] instagram story

ARMYs, you havent forgotten me right ?
im still breathing, okay ?
please think about us occasionally, okay ?

— 윤서⁷ (@btsinthemoment) March 2, 2024

The combination of the video and the caption immediately had ARMYs emotional, and they rushed to reassure the idol that all the fans are still waiting patiently for their return.

The fact that BTS thinks we might forget them or love them a little less in their absence…. I wonder if they know that our soul’s attached with

— 𑁤⁷ (@mygbebe) March 2, 2024

these kinda posts from bangtan send me into orbit every time bc after a whole decade together these men still haven’t computed how fckin INSANE WE ARE

— bts SE(ꪜ)EN (@dilijeon) March 2, 2024

Tae: “please don’t forget us”

Me on my 27th mental breakdown of the day bc i miss the tannies

— Jimindipity⁷⁼¹ HOTS ERA (@Rgchimminie) March 2, 2024

“ARMYs, you havent forgotten me right ?”

Meanwhile me: We are Bulletproof

— ♡︎ Huss ⁷ (@HussGotJams) March 2, 2024


One such post on the fan community Weverse caught the eye of the singer, and in response, he expressed that he was relieved to know his feelings were not one-sided.

im thinking of <you> as naturally as breathing
<youre> always sparkling in my heart

i wont forget <you>
im living comfortably and healthily
im still here without changing
i purple you

then thats a relief~ thought it was just one sided for…

— 윤서⁷ (@btsinthemoment) March 2, 2024

V continued to interact with a few more fan posts on the platform, giving his progress updates in his goal to bulk up while in the military.

 how much weight did you gain ?
are you eating well ?

filming kim taehyung imagination becomes a reality right now
if i eat, exercise, and train like this, 86kg… is possible…

— 윤서⁷ (@btsinthemoment) March 2, 2024

taehyung-ah is the exercise going well, are you doing well ?

wait just a teenie bit, okay ? because in a years time, im going to just lose weight and film ultimate muscle man 2

— 윤서⁷ (@btsinthemoment) March 2, 2024

Given that his is expected to be discharged from his duties on June 10, 2025, it is highly possible that ARMYs might be welcoming a majorly beefed-up V for the next chapter of BTS. The question is, are we even ready?

 He hung around to interact with them. 

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