BTS’s V Is Going Viral For A Behind-The-Scenes Moment With IU — Making One Scene Even More Romantic


BTS‘s V is going viral for a behind-the-scenes clip with IU that makes one scene even more romantic.

BTS’s V | @thv/Instagram

Recently, IU and V wowed fans with the video for “Love Wins All.” IU’s vocals perfectly narrated a heartbreaking story of love, loss, and sacrifice.

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One particular scene had netizens swooning. At V and IU’s wedding, the BTS singer approaches the microphone and starts to serenade his true love, imagining a perfect life for the duo.

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Even when the scene suddenly turned dark as the cube approached.

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Yet, as beautiful but heartbreaking as the scene is, the reality of it has made netizens’ hearts flutter.

When the BTS YouTube channel posted behind-the-scenes clips, it showed that rather than just lip-syncing, V was actually singing along to the song as he was giving off romantic AF vibes with IU. As he sang, it was clear that it only added to the chemistry.

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While the room erupted into cheers after seeing the chemistry between the two, V then added that the cute flower had been his own choice to add to the scene. It’s the small things that V did that helped make the scene even more heartbreakingly beautiful

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While it was heartwarming at first, the clip started going viral as people couldn’t get enough of the unexpected behind-the-scenes footage that couldn’t have been seen in the OG video.


— lea⁷ ‍ (@seokjinbit) January 29, 2024

Taehyung was singing to IU here

— TAE GUIDE (@taeguide) January 29, 2024

You would think Taehyung was just pretending to sing in this scene when in fact he was singing for IU and his voice omg this is my new roman empire!

— V (@onlyfthv) January 29, 2024

so taehyung was really singing to iu at this scene 🥹 her hand on his neck & their smiling faces.. yeah i’m never moving on from this

— daph (@babiejieun) January 29, 2024

Netizens were soft AF seeing how the actual chemistry was created.


Song – Love letter by Anthony Lazaro #taehyungactor #kimtaehyung #taehyug #iu

♬ son original – 𝓐𝓲𝓭𝓪⟭⟬⁷

In particular, even the OG artist of the song “Love Letter” Anthony Lazaro shared the clip and his own excitement at V singing his song.

As always, it’s the small details that create something magical. While netizens might not have been able to hear V singing, it allowed a truly magical moment to be created.

You can read more behind the scenes below.

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