BTS’s V And Jimin Plan To Enlist In The Military This Year


Recently, BTS’s V held his first fanmeeting as a soloist, (V)ICNIC, at Kyunghee University’s Peace Amphitheater.

BTS’s V | @bts_bighit/X

Although it was V’s solo fanmeeting, he surprised ARMYs with a surprise guest. It was none other than his “soulmate,” fellow BTS member, Jimin!

im so thankful.. taehyungie made this kind of event today and he was
‘why dont u try coming here to play with army together (with me)?’
how dare i.. can i go there too?
…i came running right

— 찜라 (@mandakkoo) October 14, 2023

During the fanmeeting, the two performed their sub-unit song “Friends,” played games with ARMYs, and celebrated Jimin’s birthday. It was indeed a memorable time for everyone!

the dreamcatcher in my room
10-year-long history
Is that why it’s even more special
One day when this cheer dies down, stay, hey
Stay by my side

— tani⁷ (@vantemims) October 14, 2023

Yet, V might have also revealed his and Jimin’s future plans, specifically regarding their mandatory military service.

V shared that he plans to appear on the variety show Running Man with Jimin. His goal is to do so before they enlist, and while he did not share a specific date, he said it would be this year. Considering only a couple more months are left in 2023, it sounds like it’ll be soon.

: i will go to runningman with jiminie
: so..together with jiminie..bfore we have to go this year..

— Sethy⁷ (@KnjMyLife) October 14, 2023

Previously, the eldest BTS members, Jin, J-Hope, and Suga, enlisted.

Read more about Jimin’s time at V’s fanmeeting below.

BTS’s Jimin Surprises ARMYs At V’s Solo Fanmeeting

 V surprisingly revealed their plans. 

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