BTS’s V and Jimin Have The Most Iconic Reactions To Their Manager Dancing To A Classic BTS Song


BTS‘s V and Jimin are going viral after their hilarious reaction to a manager dancing to one of their songs at a recent event.

BTS’s Jimin and V | @bts_twt/Twitter

On October 14, V held his special fanmeeting and ARMYs were surprised by a special appearance by fellow member Jimin.

| @thv/Instagram | @thv/Instagram | @thv/Instagram

During the fanmeeting, one clip started going viral and made ARMYs LOL. At one point, V got their manager to the front of the stage and started playing their hit track “Blood, Sweat & Tears.”


Although he seemed embarrassed, the manager came out as soon as the song started playing.

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He looked at V, who tried to reassure him, and as he turned back to the crowd, it was like the soul of BTS took over.

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Yet, as he realized what happened, the manager got shy again and that’s when the idols reacted. V couldn’t stop laughing and tried to push the manager to be more confident.

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He then got into it, and Jimin also couldn’t hide his laughter at seeing what was happening.

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When the video was shared online, netizens joked about how “evil” V and Jimin were by making the manager dance to the song, but also loved their reactions.

have you forgot they were the one who put salt into Yoongi’s coke?

— Chipillow⁷⟭⟬ (@chipillow) October 15, 2023

the manager’s face was of the same color of the background screen helppppp

— ★ (@blueprodV) October 16, 2023

The devilish naughty side of vmin ㅋㅋㅋㅋ there are no exception including manager

Partner in crime, always cover up for each other hahahahahahaha#JIMIN #TAEHYUNG #VMIN #TaehyungFanmeeting

— JIMIN (@bighit_jiminie_) October 16, 2023


When the video was posted on TikTok, it had a similar reaction and quickly went viral…


kapan lagi bisa lihat manager dance sampai wajahnya memerah taehyung jimin

♬ suara asli – samedaygirls – samedaygirls

Netizens loved how willing the manager was to dance and how cool he was.

As always, you can’t spell BTS without chaos and it proves that everyone wants to please the members.

You can read more from the fanmeeting below.

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 The “evil twins” are back! 

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