BTS’s “Spring Day” Becomes The Most Successful Song In MelOn History


For quite some time now, BTS‘s iconic and emotional song “Spring Day” has remained in a tie with Busker Busker‘s “Cherry Blossom Ending” as the songs with the most unique listeners of all time on MelOn.

Both spring-themed tracks hovered at the 8.3 million unique listeners record, with neither one surpassing the other since the former came out on February 13, 2017, almost exactly seven years ago.

BTS in “Spring Day” music video | BIGHIT MUSIC

Prior to its newest record, “Spring Day” already had several achievements under its belt on the MelOn chart, including being the longest-charting song to be in the top 100 songs in the daily, weekly, and yearly categories (currently with 364 weeks, or 7 years, on the charts).

It was also already the most-streamed song on the music-streaming platform, as well as the most-liked, and currently has over 557,000 likes on MelOn. In second place is IU‘s “Through the Night” with around 470,000 likes.

The most-liked songs on the MelOn chart | Wikipedia

And now, “Spring Day” has finally become the song with the most unique listeners on MelOn as it has reached 8.4 million unique listeners, breaking its long-held tie with “Cherry Blossom Ending”!

“Spring Day” by @BTS_twt (8.4M) breaks the tie with “Cherry Blossom Ending” by Busker Busker (8.3M) and is now the song with the most unique listeners of all time on MelOn.

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) February 9, 2024

“Spring Day” is such a beloved song not only to BTS fans, but to K-Pop music listeners as a whole, and that is evident by its longevity on music charts even seven years after it first came out in 2017.

Here’s how fans are reacting to this impressive news!

Congratulations to BTS and “Spring Day”!


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