BTS’s RM Addresses His Relationship Status In His Recent Livestream


On October 10 (KST), BTS‘s RM hosted a brief livestream from his home, interacting with ARMYs. During the broadcast, he suddenly addressed a question about his relationship status.

BTS’s RM | Weverse

Aside from his widely acknowledged “President” title, RM is sometimes referred to as the perfect husband material. In the past, ARMYs often joked about how he might be secretly married with kids for all they knew.

Namjoon really said stop with the wife and kids jokes

— Char ⁷ (@ughchar7) November 2, 2021

#dispatch me trying to find the reasons to be shocked of dispatch comes out that Namjoon has a wife with 6 kids

— ⁶ (@Hihi_gadid) January 1, 2021

the way the tl was talking about joon being married and having a family because of that ring video and now he posted a picture with a kid… namjoon hello?? reveal yourself

— ⁷ (@taehyungjd_) September 11, 2020

Though the BTS leader has jokingly referred to these speculations and shut them down with hilarious responses before, much like his other bandmates, he has never seriously discussed his relationship status with ARMYs. A significant portion of the fans also feel that all members are entitled to privacy in their personal relationships.

: ah you deserve all the love
: daddy namjoon…
: i don’t have kids…
: i love indigo so much
: hey joonie i want to cry
: don’t cry
: te amo

— lex⁷ (@prodK0YA) December 2, 2022

In their decade-long career, there have been very few times when the BTS members have gotten involved in a dating “scandal,” but of late, there has been a shift in this track record. The most recent example is Jungkook, who suddenly found himself embroiled in a dating controversy right after the release of his second single, “3D.” Some alleged videos of him with a woman in his apartment surfaced online, and though most fans were quick to question their authenticity, he still couldn’t escape being asked about his relationship status during a live broadcast. Jungkook nonchalantly answered that he doesn’t have a girlfriend and asked fans to stop asking about it.

여자친구 없는게 더 이상한 상황 아니냐 정국아?🥲 자꾸 스스로 무덤을 파고 그래 그냥 가만히 쭈구려 있어 좀

— 의담환승 (@HDrsvmbWyzxCMur) October 2, 2023

Everyone, I don’t have a girlfriend. I don’t have a girlfriend. I’m not meeting anyone. I only want to work, so I don’t feel a need to. Stop talking about it! I don’t have one! I don’t have one so just stay still! I don’t have one

— Jungkook

Though RM has not faced a controversy of this sort, he seems to have received similar comments on his latest livestream, enough to make the rapper notice. He read out one of the comments that said, “Introduce your girlfriend.”

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In response, RM comically blurted out, “Oh sh*t,” adding, “I really want to, but I have none right now.” The rapper then hilariously asked fans to help out, “Can you introduce me one?”

: “introduce your girlfriend? oh shit i really want to but i have none…right now ㅋㅋ”

— bts memeories⁷ (@btsmemeories) October 10, 2023

Soon after his response, social media was filled with even funnier reactions from ARMYs. Some confessed that they thought he would really introduce his girlfriend right then, while others lined up to bag that spot.

we all know who is namjoon’s girlfriend.

— golden ★ (@kkukvmin) October 10, 2023

now that live was over …. i though joon was about to announce that eh had girlfriend .. like my heart paused LMAOAAOAO

— ³ᴰkeke⁷ saw jk (@hobismeg) October 10, 2023

now that he’s gone . ima need you nggas to stop putting these boys on blast “do you have a gf?” “introduce yo gf” WHAT HAPPENED TO ASKING IF THEY EATEN TODAY?

— Prince Busan (@fatherquake) October 10, 2023

: “introduce your girlfriend? oh shit i really want to but i have none…right now


— tani⁷ (@stopbeingdelulu) October 10, 2023

single and ready to mingle

— Terra ✰⋆ (@54hrtz) October 10, 2023

Joon saying, “can you introduce me to one?”

and suddenly everyone’s a pick me girl YALL PLS STAND UP

— maria⁷ (@J00NSBFF) October 10, 2023

Though idols dating is one of those “taboo” topics in K-Pop that artists try to steer clear of, RM’s laid-back attitude in his response is a welcome change.

 He chose to give a straightforward answer. 

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