BTS’s Never-Before-Seen Reaction To “MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR” Cancellation Has ARMYs Emotional


ARMYs are enjoying all of BTS‘s new documentary content, filmed during their promotions leading up to the members preparing for their mandatory military service.

Disney+ recently announced a new eight-part documentary to debut on December 20, BTS Monuments: Beyond The Star, which promises to show numerous moments throughout the group’s 10-year career with exclusive interviews, behind-the-scenes footage, and more.


The announcement came shortly before BIGHIT MUSIC confirmed RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook are preparing to fulfill their mandatory military duties and have initiated the military enlistment process, making new behind-the-scenes OT7 content even more meaningful.

(From left:) BTS’s V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, RM, Jimin, and J-Hope | Weverse

Disney+ and BIGHIT MUSIC have already teased some of the upcoming documentary footage and released the main trailer today, showing just over a minute of clips from the eight episodes to come on December 20.

One particular moment caught ARMYs’ attention and had many wondering if they were emotionally ready to see the full scene.


Due to the increased travel restrictions and guidelines in place internationally at the time, as well as overall uncertainty during the COVID-19 pandemic, BTS’s MAP OF THE SOUL TOUR, which was scheduled to take place from April until September 2020, was postponed and eventually canceled.

Though understanding of the circumstances, many fans were heartbroken as it would have been one of their last opportunities to see the group live before the members began their mandatory military service.

The documentary trailer shows the moment the members were notified that their Seoul Map Of The Soul Tour shows, which were meant to kick off their five months of performing at stadiums and domes worldwide, were canceled.

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After briefly showing the members’ initial reactions, a montage of footage played, featuring the members on their own as they admitted they were feeling lost.

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Although fans were aware of the tour’s cancellation and the members’ disappointment that they couldn’t meet ARMYs as intended in 2020, many ARMYs were still not ready to relive the moment through BTS’s candid reaction captured in the documentary trailer.


— lea⁷ ‍ (@seokjinbit) November 29, 2023

They’ve talked about how devastated they were when the MOTS7 tour was canceled but seeing it is

— Tina⁷ (@MinYoongiSwagg7) November 29, 2023

Their reactions where they told them the mots7 tour was canceled @BTS_twt

— BTS Charts Daily (@btschartsdailyc) November 29, 2023

they showed the exact moment where they told them the mots7 tour was canceled like oh my god … their faces

— ً (@houriyng) November 29, 2023

their reactions to mots7 tour was cancelled. punching me in the face would hurt less

— hourly hyung line (@hourlyhyungline) November 29, 2023

While a few weeks remain until the full moment is revealed, BIGHIT MUSIC recently released the concert film BTS PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE IN THE US, which includes even more behind-the-scenes BTS content. Check out more from that in the article below!

BTS RM’s On-Stage Interaction With V Had A Hidden Meaning

 “Punching me in the face would hurt less.” 

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