BTS’s Jungkook Shocks Fans After His Latest “Flex” With ARMYs’ “M Countdown” Gifts


BTS‘s Jungkook has gained attention for his “Expensive AF” gift for ARMYs.

BTS’s Jungkook | @bts_twt/Twitter

Jungkook recently released his new album, Golden, with the title track “Standing Next To You.”

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On November 15, ARMYs attended the pre-recording for Jungkook’s M Countdown performance. As always, those lucky enough to attend shared some of the special gifts they received.

| theqoo

Along with the photocard and beautiful message, Jungkook also gave netizens a beautiful “Golden” perfume that matched the idol’s album concept.

| theqoo | theqoo

The first thing that netizens noticed was that one of the main ingredients was “Tiger Lily.” Of course, it was significant as it is the birth flower of Jungkook, and ARMYs shared the deeper meaning of the flower that touched the hearts of fans.

Jungkook birth flower TIGER LILY

Tiger Lily which communicates pride, self-confidence, and positivity due to its bright, daring, and spotty appearance.

— hope⁷ (@winnttaebear) November 15, 2023

Yet, when a fan posted a video of the beautiful bottle, something else caught the attention of fans. In the glass bottle, there was little gold flakes that once again matched the identity of the album.

Your browser does not support video.| @951230_951013/Twitter

While it could’ve easily been a special ingredient to mimic gold, ARMYs were shocked when the ingredients were posted, and it showed the perfume had real 24K gold flakes in them, which aren’t cheap.

| theqoo

After netizens saw how Jungkook had been “flexing” just for ARMYs, it wasn’t surprising that they had the best reactions. In particular, those who couldn’t attend the event and were seeing the gifts on their screens shared their “jealousy” but also how much they appreciated seeing Jungkook putting thought into his gifts.

Brooooo?!?!? 24K gold flakes ?!?!
Jungkook my rich man

— mustae⁷ꪜ (@forbtsandtae_) November 15, 2023

The way jungkook used for the “Golden” perfume for ARMYS 24k gold flakes omg

— Carolyne⁷ ʲᵏ ʰᵒᵖᵉ ᵛᵉʳ (ꪜ)‍🪞🪐 (@mhereonlyforbts) November 15, 2023

the 24K gold flakes inside, this is so beautiful, jungkook loves armys so much

— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 15, 2023

24K Gold flakes in Jungkook’s Golden perfume gift,

— Jungkook SNS  (@Jungkook_SNS) November 15, 2023

Brooooo?!?!? 24K gold flakes ?!?!
Jungkook my rich man

— mustae⁷ꪜ (@forbtsandtae_) November 15, 2023

As always, K-Pop idols go above and beyond for their fans. While the gold flakes fit in with the Golden concept, it showcases Jungkook’s love for ARMYs and what he really thinks of them.

 He took the album’s title “Golden” literally! 

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