BTS’s Jungkook Shares The K-Pop Song He Enjoys The Most At The Moment


BTS‘s Jungkook recently released his long-awaited solo album, Golden, and fans have loved everything associated with it!

As part of promotions for the release, Jungkook appeared on Spotify‘s K-Pop On! Spotify YouTube channel, where he did a series of activities while answering questions.

BTS’s Jungkook | Spotify

He left ARMY in their feelings when he talked about what he wanted to do most with the other members…

Q. what do you want to do with the BTS members other than music?

JUNGKOOK: i want to go on a trip together again, it doesn’t matter where, any place will be okay if it’s the 7 of us together, we’ve been separated for some time now, so it’d be nice to have a few days together


— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 3, 2023

…and came up with creative poses for each track on Golden.

here’s some Jung Kook-approved poses for your next photo booth session

listen to his new song ‘Standing Next to You’ on our K-Pop ON! playlist now! @bts_bighit

— Spotify K-Pop (@SpotifyKpop) November 3, 2023

During one part of the video, Spotify created a “healing time” for Jungkook featuring music on the platform’s K-Pop ON! playlist. The lights are lowered, and Jungkook is given a pair of headphones to create a relaxing atmosphere.

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When asked what song he wanted to listen to, Jungkook thought momentarily before responding with NewJeans‘s “Ditto.”

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He explains that when the track was released, he was on a snowboarding trip with V and his friends. After a day of snowboarding, Jungkook expected the others to be ready to go again, but instead, he found them all “passed out.”

It was then that they all listened to “Ditto” together.

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Jungkook says that amid this sentimental moment, the others left while he stayed at the accommodation. He then says he must have listened to “Ditto” about 30 times while taking in his surroundings!

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His real love of the song can be seen a bit later in the video when he’s asked to recommend the song he enjoys the most and he answers with “Ditto” again!

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You can check out the full video below.

 It is a super popular song! 

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