BTS’s Jungkook Gains Attention For His Behavior At Incheon Airport Despite Being Tired


BTS‘s Jungkook has gained attention for his behavior at Incheon Airport despite being tired when arriving.

BTS’s Jungkook | @jungkook.97/Instagram

Jungkook’s schedule has been packed, and it seems like every other day, the idol is at Incheon Airport heading out for an overseas schedule. It was no different on September 21 (KST) as Jungkook arrived at the airport ahead of his Global Citizen Festival performance.

Getting out of the car, whether he was tired or had just woken up, Jungkook looked bleary-eyed, but still went out of his way to greet the media and those waiting for him.

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Even as he got into the airport to be met by media and screaming fans (along with flashing cameras), Jungkook continued to greet everyone.

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As Jungkook made his way through the airport towards security, Jungkook cemented his status as a truly polite idol as he continued to wave, greet, and, of course, bow to those around him.

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In photos posted by the media, Jungkook obviously looked tired or as if he had just woken up, yet he continued to greet both the media and fans who had waited for him.

When the videos and photos were shared, netizens shared their concerns about Jungkook’s busy schedule but also praised the idol for continuing to do things for ARMYs but also greeted those waiting at the airport.

I really hope Jungkook can rest and sleep enough on this flight. He has been working so hard, having multiple flights in such a short time, he is doing a lot for all of us.. he deserves so much love seriously.

— 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) September 21, 2023

Till the last minute he will be sure to thank and bow to fans

That’s Jungkook’s thing despite him being sleepy or tired it’s just his nature

— ミ ♡ ミ (@ayjk97) September 21, 2023

My baby looks so sleepy and tired


— JK TikTok Updates  (@JKOnTikTok) September 21, 2023

even if Jungkook was sleepy and tired, he kept cheering and bowing for the support being given.. be has the greatest heart I’ve ever seen. Our best boy

— 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) September 21, 2023

I think our Jungkook was sleeping before he arrived at the airport today rest well in this long flight, eat well, and be healthy! We are here with you ♡

— 나비.97 (FAN) (@maineventjeon) September 21, 2023

Of course, any idol has long and constant schedules, but Jungkook has seemingly been traveling more than many, so it’s not surprising that ARMYs hope he has a break. Yet, despite being tired, Jungkook always makes sure to make those around him feel loved and noticed.

 Even with a hectic schedule, he always showcases his true personality! 

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