BTS’s Jungkook Apologizes To ARMYs After “TODAY Show”


BTS member Jungkook has offered an apology to fans after his appearance on the TODAY Show.

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

Earlier this month, the BTS maknae released his first solo album, Golden, with the title track “Standing Next To You.”

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As a part of his album promotions, the singer appeared on the TODAY Show on November 8.

| @TODAYshow/Twitter

Jungkook had prepared three live performances for the show, “Standing Next To You,” “3D,” and “Seven.”

Jungkook setlist rehearsal for Today Show

• Standing Next to You
• Seven
• 3D#CitiConcertSeries #JungKookOnTODAY

— 치⋆ (@yciiee) November 8, 2023

The fans present at the venue noted that Jungkook had to endure freezing weather to perform the songs live. Despite this difficulty, he delivered his best for each of the songs, mesmerizing the audience with his live vocals and stage presence.


— Jungkook Indonesia (@Jungkooknesia) November 8, 2023

jungkook’s vocals!!!!

— jungkook vids (slow) (@jjklve) November 8, 2023


— Jungkook Indonesia (@Jungkooknesia) November 8, 2023

However, after the show, the singer took to Weverse to apologize to fans for “messing up” the live performance. He added that he had no excuse and would do better the next time.

| Weverse

ARMYs… I’m sorry… I messed up the live heh. I don’t have an excuse, I’ll try doing better in the next live performance!

— Jungkook

Jungkook’s apology, while sincere, has left fans confused. ARMYs flocked to social media to express their vehement disagreement with him, noting how they couldn’t even find any part of his live performance that wasn’t good.

jk: i messed up im so sorry theres no excuse im sorry army

army everywhere: ??????? bro none of us understand what youre apologizing for

— princessy sarah SAW TWICE (@sarahpriv5) November 8, 2023


— Thee Purrloin⁷ (@dizzy_rkive) November 8, 2023


— jungkook vids (slow) (@jjklve) November 8, 2023

Some fans were also upset over the fact that Jungkook is so hard on himself despite the cold weather being out of his control, which made it harder for him to breathe while singing.

Jungkook talking to the staff:

It’s so cold to the level that I can’t sing. And wind is blowing. It’s hard to breathe because wind is going through my nose

— Golden Times (@JJK_Times) November 8, 2023

Man.. I wish I could be there for him and tell him to not stress over small things. He’s amazing, ARMY will always show up and be there. We believe and we know that he’s the best.

— T⁷ (@boraborafied) November 8, 2023

The level of standard and pressure Jungkook and all of BTS put themselves under sometimes is a lot.

I’ve seen bits of it. It was a great performance, he can’t do anything about it being cold.

— Emily⁷ ⟭⟬ (@emily_bts_7) November 8, 2023

Please JK if ever you see this (or any of our posts because everyone is telling you the same) you did amazing, we are proud of you, we love you

— ᴍᴇɢʀᴏᴋᴏꜱᴍᴏꜱ⁷ (@ohmegoodness25) November 8, 2023

— lizi bug (@lizeok) November 8, 2023

While fans might not agree with Jungkook’s self-assessment, there is no denying how rare it is for a big star like Jungkook to publicly admit being dissatisfied with their performance and even offer fans an apology for it. It only shows how mature and secure the BTS member is in his role as a performer and his close dynamic with ARMYs that allowed him to be vulnerable like this.

 ARMYs rushed in to express how much they disagreed. 

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