BTS’s Jin Forces The South Korean Military To Change Communication Service


ARMY, Jin is already shaking things up in the military! Just months into his service, the K-Pop superstar has already prompted the South Korean military to overhaul its communication system for enlisted soldiers.

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The military already has a dedicated communication channel called “The Camp.” The app was launched in 2018 by tech firm EnableOnSoft as an integrated platform for military communication needs — from pre-enlistment to discharge. Its key feature allows family and friends to send encouraging letters to trainees. Prior to Jin’s enlistment, “The Camp” racked up 55 million letters.

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But Jin is no ordinary trainee. As one-seventh of the global sensation BTS, he commands a massive fanbase ready to overload “The Camp”‘s infrastructure. The app currently limits users to 1,500 characters per letter — reasonable for most trainees but unsatisfactory for BTS ARMY members worldwide.

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The character limit wasn’t the only challenge to the app’s capabilities. According to EnableOnSoft, Jin has already received a staggering 320,000 letters from fans on “The Camp.”

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In response, EnableOnSoft is hastily revamping “The Camp” to accommodate celebrity soldiers like Jin. From February 2023, paid users have been able to send letters of unlimited length to enlisted idols after training camp. Other upgrades, like enhanced fan community features, are also underway.

For EnableOnSoft, monopolizing communication with enlisted idols is a shrewd business strategy. The company earns revenue primarily through advertising on “The Camp.” However, strict regulations prohibit the promotion of games and gambling — limiting its commercial potential.

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Targeting the diehard fandoms of K-Pop stars allows EnableOnSoft to monetize its platform through subscriptions and merchandise. CEO Jang Cheol Min even plans to utilize Jin’s intellectual property for official goods and merchandise.

The army’s captive market of idol fans also provides leverage for EnableOnSoft’s e-commerce expansion. Its closed marketplace, “Camp Mall,” has already started selling popular military products. Scaling up inventory and logistics will grow revenues tremendously.

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However, this won’t happen without harsh PR challenges.  South Korea’s mandatory conscription is a sensitive issue amidst the BTS exemption debate. Thus, any perceived special treatment for Jin will likely draw massive media attention and potentially public backlash.

However, for EnableOnSoft, the benefits seem to outweigh the risks. With BTS being on a hiatus as a group, now is the perfect time for the company to capitalize on ARMY’s demand for exclusive Jin content. The company’s revamped “The Camp” aims to become the go-to app for military communication and commerce nationwide.

 Jin has already received a staggering 320,000 letters from fans. 

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