BTS’s Jimin Surprises Fans With “Boyfriend” Look In Recent Pictures


The global K-Pop sensation BTS are known not just for their captivating music but also for their trendsetting styles. Jimin, one of the group’s leading vocalists, recently took to Instagram to share a glimpse of his personal style with fans, sparking a frenzy of excitement. His latest Instagram update from his Japan trip showcases what fans lovingly call the “boyfriend” look, delivering a storm of likes and comments in a spectacular fashion.

Jimin for ELLE | ELLE Korea

The first of the two pictures features Jimin in a cozy restaurant setting, cutely pondering over a menu, his expression a mix of deep thought and boyish charm. Dressed casually yet fashionably, he exudes a relatable charm that resonates with fans globally.

| @j.m/Instagram

The second picture only adds to the vibe, with Jimin posing cutely in front of a gleaming DIOR store set against the vibrant neon-lit streets of Japan. The BTS star’s homely and warm look is always treasured by ARMYs, who were quick to shower the idol with love.

| @j.m/Instagram

The “Boyfriend” look, while a casual term coined by fans, signifies the personal touch that Jimin brings into his public persona. It’s a look that feels accessible yet aspirational, a blend that Jimin masters effortlessly.

Ahhh it seems Jimin’s insta post is his night out yesterday 🥹 he spoke kindly to the staff the entire time and looked so beautiful even without makeup

— Star (@minieskies) November 25, 2023

a date with jimin 🫂

— sen (@sugatradamus) November 25, 2023

boyfriend jimin ︎

— .·͙❊ (@jmnternity) November 25, 2023

Jimin’s rare post has indeed created a significant ripple across social media, amassing over 1.5 million likes in under an hour, a testament to his immense popularity and the fans’ unquenchable thirst for content related to the BTS star. This engagement is not just a number but a telling sign of Jimin’s influence and connection with his fans.

Adding to the buzz, Jimin was spotted earlier in the day with fellow bandmate Jungkook at Tokyo Haneda Airport. The duo, adored for their friendship and on-stage chemistry, were seen together, sparking curiosity and excitement.

Jimin and Jungkook at the airport in Hokkaido. Jungkook all bundled up. 🥹

— 국민~ 아포방포 방탄소년단 (@tothemoon_jimin) November 25, 2023

Are they in Japan for work, or is this a much-needed personal break? That’s the question on everyone’s lips.

As the two stars navigate their schedules, whether it be for professional commitments or a leisurely hiatus, the fanbase, collectively known as the ARMY, is on high alert for any updates. The longing for more posts from the duo is palpable, with fans eagerly awaiting glimpses into their adventures in Japan, where they’ve previously shared fun moments too.

jimin from jungkook’s pov, six years later 🥹

— rockstar jikook (@ROCKSTARJlKOOK) November 25, 2023


2017 2023

— moni⁷ 𖠌 (@taeisthv) November 25, 2023

As BTS continues to chart their individual journeys alongside their group endeavors, Jimin’s latest update is a sweet treat for ARMYs all around the world.

 The star shared two pictures from his time in Japan. 

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