BTS’s Jimin, NewJeans, Stray Kids, And TWICE Give Gifts To Charlie Puth


American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth is being showered with gifts!

Charlie Puth | @charlieputh/X

Puth is currently on his 2023 world tour and has just performed three shows in Seoul, South Korea.

SEOUL, KOREA – NIGHT 3! Three Seoul-d out nights (lol) THANK YOU!

— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) October 23, 2023

Leading up to his shows, Charlie Puth was welcomed to Seoul by his K-Pop contemporaries. Many K-Pop idols wished him luck, sending gifts.

While everyone knows that Charlie Puth and BTS‘s Jungkook have a great relationship, having performed together and collaborated for “Left & Right,” another member sent Puth a gift. Jimin gave him a signed copy of his solo album FACE, saying, “Have fun in Korea.” They both featured on Fast X OST “Angel Pt.2.”

Charlie Puth posted a signed copy of Jimin’s “FACE” album on his Instagram story!

To Charlie Puth. Have fun in Korea!

“Thank you sweet Jimin “

Jimin is always the sweetest human

— JIMIN DATA (@PJM_data) October 20, 2023

NewJeans, who Charlie Puth is a fan of, also gifted a signed copy of their album, Get Up, with a heartfelt message. They thanked him for singing and mentioning their songs, promoting the group.


— car 🦭 (@goldhanni) October 19, 2023

TWICE sent Charlie Puth a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It included a note welcoming him to Seoul.

Charlie Puth Instagram story of the flower from TWICE

“Thank you for the flower @/twicetagram ”

— SK (@SubjectKpop) October 21, 2023

TWICE members Sana and Dahyun were also spotted in attendance at one of his shows.

SANA and DAHYUN went to Charlie Puth’s concert in South Korea

— julie saw twice! (@tzujuliee) October 22, 2023

Fellow JYP Entertainment group Stray Kids sent Charlie Puth a meal one day, sharing a picture via Instagram Stories and thanking them. They reposted, wishing him good luck and asking if he’d like to join their concert one day.

stray kids reposted charlieputh instagram story

“good luck with your show charlie! wanna join ours…? hahaha”

— elise 樂★ (@hwangsamericano) October 21, 2023

Stray Kids also started following Charlie Puth on Instagram. Could there be a collab in the works?

 He received so much while in Seoul! 

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