BTS’s Jimin Becomes The Muse Of Comic Book Characters Created By Popular Actress


A popular actress recently took to her Instagram to share a comic she created inspired by BTS‘s Jimin.

BTS’s Jimin

Arci Muñoz, a well-revered Filipino singer and actress, has been a longtime admirer of BTS and especially expressed her appreciation for Jimin on multiple occasions. She had once introduced herself as “Baby Mochi’s Wife” on an American talk show. She even showed her true fangirl side on the Filipino broadcasting station ABS-CBN while mentioning a famous saying among fans, “Once you Jim-in, you can’t Jim-out.” 

Arci Muñoz | @ramonathornes/Instagram

She often dedicates meaningful gifts to BTS’s Jimin to honor him on his birthdays, like her “Jimin Park” project in 2020. This year, too, the actress has chosen a thoughtful way of showing her admiration for the BTS member.

Muñoz is also an active supporter of environmental movements. She recently collaborated with the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) in the Phillippines and created the characters of the department’s 12th comic series. She introduced the two characters created by her through her Instagram, Minji and ChimChim, the “defenders of earth.”

| @ramonathornes/Instagram

In the caption, she mentioned that the characters were inspired by Jimin and his corresponding BT21 character, Chimmy.

My characters are inspired by Jimin and (chimmy) Cos he touched my life in so many levels, and I wanna share that in a very substantial way.

—Arci Muñoz

The aim of the comic, as Arci mentioned in the caption, is to “educate children on how to reduce plastic waste, promote proper waste segregation/disposal, and make recycling fun for the kids.” The comic is distributed across public schools in the Philippines for free.

| @ramonathornes/Instagram She has been a hardcore fan for years! 

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